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Dozens Of Tanks Enter Southern Part Of Gaza Strip Near Khan Younis

Photography: Menahem KAHANA / AFP

Israel Defence Forces, IDF, claims to have hit ‘approximately 200 Hamas terror targets,’ and Moaz Mohammed, 34, said Israeli tanks were on the southern part of Salah al-Din Road. “They are holding Salah al-Din Road on both sides and are now cutting it between Deir al-Balah and Khan Younis, firing bullets and tank shells at cars and people trying to move through the area.”

Local reporters from The Guardian have described “a very deadly and bloody night for the Palestinians” with many believed killed.

UNICEF spokesperson James Elder reported through videos posted on X that it was the “worst bombardment of the war right now in southern Gaza”, and he is “running out of ways to describe the horrors hitting children here,” he said. “I feel like I’m almost failing in my ability to convey the endless killing of children here.”

According to the latest estimate, the UN’s OCHA said about 1.8 million people in Gaza, 75 percent of the population, had been displaced, many to overcrowded and unsanitary shelters.

From Hebron for Al Jazeera, Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports that it was raided overnight by Israeli forces, adding that two Palestinians were killed in Qalqilya.

A UN administrator who is sheltering with his family in a former vocational training centre in Khan Younis said, “There is continuous shelling and airstrikes. It hasn’t stopped for a minute since yesterday… the ground is shaking, and the sound is horrible. People are living in a continuous panic and horror and the most scary thing is the uncertainty. People don’t know what to do to save their own lives.”

A victim, Aghaalkurdi, said: “The Israeli military meant it when they said Khan Younis would be a battlefield.

“Most of our friends who had escaped Gaza City with us were forced again today to escape their shelters in the south of the strip and find ‘safer’ places. Barely has any kind of aid been delivered to people, nor is there any food left in shops. We are now bartering for things like flour, salt, or yeast.”

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Palestinians access to information because internet connectivity in Gaza has been abnormal for several weeks and some people are having difficulty charging their phones because of power shortages.

Paltel, one of the main telecommunications companies serving Gaza, reported on Monday that Gaza City lost all its service and the north of the territory due to the resumed fighting between Israel and Hamas.

However, Israeli media reported that 21-year-old Jonathan Samerano, who has been missing since Hamas launched its assault on Israel on 7 October, is dead. Samerano had been at the Supernova music festival in southern Israel when Hamas attacked from the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, his parents had been told to assume he had been taken hostage and was in Gaza.

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