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Ex-student Sets Principal on Fire

Indore: In Madhya Pradesh's Indore district, an alumnus is accused of setting a 50-year-old female principal on fire at BM Pharmacy College’s campus on Monday, February 20, 2023. Due to a delay in the release of the student’s mark sheets, this individual committed a horrific crime. A marksheet is an official record of a student's work that details the courses they have taken and the grades they have earned, and it is also known as a transcript.


BM Pharmacy College, connected to the university Rajiv Gandhi Praudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV), is where the incident took place. Around 4 in the afternoon and as the school's principal, Vimukta Sharma, was preparing to get in her car and leave for the day, she was assaulted by an adult male. 


The ex-student, known as Ashutosh Srivastava (22), and Principal Sharma fell into a heated disagreement over the delay in the release of his mark sheet. According to the initial investigation, the suspected student was waiting at the college entrance with a fully loaded container of gasoline. As the principal was gathering her things to go home, Srivastava poured the gasoline all over her and lit her on fire with a cigarette lighter, according to SP-Indore Rural BS Virde. As a result of his anger, this ex-student committed a violent, unforgivable crime. 



Despite having burns on his hands, he escaped the scene on a motorcycle near Tincha Waterfalls. This waterfall is located approximately 7 kilometres away from the college. “After calling 100 times, Veer Singh, an emergency cop arrived on the scene thanks to information from nearby citizens and saved the man by pretending to be a regular person who was also planning to commit suicide,” said by SP-Indore Rural BS Virde. He also noted that Srivastava was later detained by police and is receiving medical attention.


Despite being completely engulfed in flames, Principal Sharma fled for assistance to other college personnel who were also getting ready to head home. She was later taken to the hospital and received medical care for the large burns on her body. 


Sharma is now located at a private hospital in Indore city, and she is in critical condition as 80% of her body was burned from the horrific incident. The accused student also suffered from 40% burns and is receiving medical care while being held in police custody at a different hospital. 


According to Section 307 IPC and Virde, the alleged ex-student has been charged with attempted murder. Similarly, Srivastava completed his seventh and eighth semesters of B. Pharma in 2022. During this year, he did not receive his mark sheet and stabbed Vijay Patel, a male faculty member of the college. Srivastava was then detained under the 25-Arms Act, but he was granted a bond release a few weeks ago.


Currently, the authorities are attempting to determine why the accused wasn't granted the mark sheet from the college connected to the state government university Rajiv Gandhi Praudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV).

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