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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is Becoming a Father Within Next Few Weeks

UK’s former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie Johnson, has announced that she is pregnant with her third child. 


Johnson's child would be the first to be born outside of Downing Street due to his resignation. The couple have been married since May 2021. 


Boris Johnson is the latest prime minister of four who had a child born into Downing Street, following Florence Rose Endelion Cameron, Lee George Blair, and Francis Albert Rollo Russell. 


The announcement was made during May 19 on Instagram, with an image of Carrie Johnson holding her two children's hands. 


According to her post, Carrie Johnson stated that she has felt exhausted the past couple of months but is excited to meet her new child that is due in a few weeks. 


“Wilf is excited about being a big brother again and has been chattering about it nonstop. Don’t think Romy has a clue what’s coming… She soon will!”


Carrie Johnson latest child that has been born is to be known as a rainbow baby as she had mmiscarriage before being pregnant to Romy.


During her last pregnancy, Carrie Johnson expressed her feelings with a post on how she was feeling ‘ incredibly blessed’ along with highlighting the importance of how communicating with people with the same experience can help people get well. 


‘I found it a real comfort to hear from people who had also experienced loss so I hope that in some very small way sharing this might help others.’ 


Just a few weeks left for Boris Johnson to become a father of his eighth child in total as he had four children from his previous marriage Marina Wheeler.

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