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Gaza Loses Telecommunication Again

Telecommunications in Gaza has stopped again, due to a lack of fuel. Energy and fuel have been cut off from Gaza for over a month now. The two major telecommunication companies in Gaza, Jawwal and Paltel, have run out of power to keep their networks running.

Gaza is now facing a complete blackout amid an Israeli siege, which means all communications in and out of Gaza have ceased. The blackout impacts all journalists reporting from the ground, humanitarian organizations, emergency services, rescue efforts, and first responders’ ability to aid the wounded.

According to Jawwal and Paltel, essential network services have been forced to rely on batteries since Wednesday, November 15th. The first time Gaza was cut off in October, many humanitarian organizations expressed concern for the crimes and abuse that may go undocumented and unreported. 

In a statement shared on October 27th, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Senior Director of Research, Advocacy, Policy and Campaigns at Amnesty International. Said they “have found it increasingly challenging to document violations due to the intensity of Israel’s attacks and restrictions on communications. This communications blackout means that it will be even more difficult to obtain critical information and evidence about human rights violations and war crimes being committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza”.

This scenario is intensified by the fact that the only solution to the blackout would be the allowance of fuel back into Gaza, which the Israeli government has vehemently opposed. The government claims that the blockades, not only on fuel but also on food and water, are part of an effort to stop Hamas. Many have disputed this claim and theorized that, in reality, they aim to punish the people of Gaza collectively.

Reservist Mayor General Giora Eiland told Israeli media last week that Israel’s actions in “creating a severe humanitarian crisis is a necessary means to achieve the goal. Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist.”

The lack of fuel impacts more than telecommunications. It also means many hospitals are no longer able to operate. Doctors must make tough decisions regarding using the little energy they have left, as generators can only supply so much.

Israel has claimed that Gaza does have a fuel reserve but that Hamas controls it; however, this claim was not independently verified by any source. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is deteriorating by the hour. Without a line of communication, the future of 2.3 million Gazans dives deeper into uncertainty.


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