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Global Media Forum Unites BRICS Nations and African Voices for Equitable Future

Over the last week, the annual BRICS Media Forum brought together media leaders, think tanks, and international organisations from emerging nations. 200 deputies attended the event, representing over 100 media outlets, think tanks, and international organisations from about 30 different nations. Under the theme "BRICS and Africa: Strengthening Media Dialogue for a Shared and Unbiased Future," participants engaged in discussions aimed at amplifying the voices of developing nations and fostering cooperation among media outlets of the BRICS nations.


In his opening address, Fu Hua, the executive chairman of the BRICS Media Forum and president of the Xinhua News Agency, highlighted the vital role of media outlets from BRICS countries in the present era. Fu emphasized the need for collaboration and suggested that the shared values of humanity should be promoted, along with efforts to build a more just and equitable international order. He also encouraged better storytelling of the BRICS narratives in the evolving era and underscored the importance of cultural exchanges, with mutual learning, among civilizations.


Dakota Legoete, a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress, spoke at the opening session, recognizing the BRICS Media Forum's significant contribution in enhancing the voices of BRICS countries since its establishment in 2015.

Andrey Kondrashov, director-general of Russia's TASS news agency, described the forum as a distinctive and iconic platform for discussing media cooperation among BRICS member states. Kondrashov urged BRICS media to join forces in countering disinformation and safeguarding the interests of developing countries.


Jose Juan Sanchez, chief of Brazil's financial and agricultural information provider CMA Group, stressed the importance of credible and impartial news information. He noted that communication among BRICS media is vital, and member countries should aim for sustainable development in economic, environmental, and social areas.


Helio Doyle, president of the Brazil Communication Company, acknowledged the significant contributions of the BRICS Media Forum in amplifying the international voices of member states and promoting global cooperation. Iqbal Surve, executive chairman of Independent Media of South Africa, praised the forum for shedding light on the challenges faced by developing nations, providing them with a platform to express their perspectives and aspirations.


The diverse cultures and viewpoints represented within the BRICS nations were highlighted as enriching global conversations. The BRICS media advocates for an inclusive, cooperative, and new world order, reflecting the commitment to global equity and cooperation.


The forum concluded with a renewed commitment to fostering media cooperation and promoting a more balanced and unbiased global narrative.


Source: Xinhua News Agency

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