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Israeli Military Launches Operation In Jenin Camp, West Bank, Resulting In Palestinian Casualties

In the Jenin camp in the northern region of the occupied West Bank, the Israeli army has started a significant military action. Videos that are going viral on social media showing smoke coming from a residential building are proof that the operation started with a series of drone strikes, reported the BBC.


Several drone attacks result in the deaths and injuries of Palestinians

The Palestinian Health Ministry reports that during the continuing operation, at least three Palestinians have died and more than 20 others have been hurt.


According to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), its goal is to hit "terrorist infrastructure in the Jenin area." They stressed their will to fight terrorists who use the Jenin Camp as a haven and referred to it as a "terrorist stronghold."


An airstrike on a building that militants were using to plot assaults kicked off the military operation just after one in the morning, according to Lt Col Richard Hecht, an army representative who talked to the Associated Press. Hecht claimed that the operation's main goal was to destroy and seize weaponry.


"We're not planning to hold ground. We're acting against specific targets," he stated.



The armed members of the Palestinian organisations Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad formed the Jenin Battalion, which pledged its steadfast opposition to the occupation troops. They vowed to fight the Israeli army until their last breath or bullet, cooperating with all factions and military formations.


Numerous armed and disguised Palestinians have been stationed inside the camp's alleyways. Ahmed Zaki, an inhabitant of the area, claimed that "columns of Israeli army vehicles penetrated the outskirts of the camp from several streets." 


The scenario, according to ambulance driver Khaled Alahmad, is a "real war," with frequent airstrikes directed at the camp. He mentioned that ambulances were constantly transporting injured people and were always returning full.


At least six Palestinians were killed in a raid carried out by the Israeli military last month in the Jenin camp. Attack chopper use in the West Bank was an unusual occurrence at the time. Seven Israeli soldiers and border police personnel were hurt during that operation.



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