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Israeli Strikes Kill Over 195 In Gaza City

Foreigners are preparing to evacuate Gaza amidst Israeli strikes against the city. According to the Hamas-run government, over 195 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli strikes. Israel claims that these attacks were responsible for the deaths of Hamas commanders. 


Israel, Egypt, and Hamas have reached an agreement to evacuate foreigners to Egypt. Currently, 320 of the 500 listed foreigners, along with injured Gazans, have evacuated to Egypt.


Man sitting beside the ruins of a bombed structure


Australian, Austrian, Bulgarian, Czech, Finnish, Italian, and U.K. and U.S. passport holders have evacuated. Gazan authorities state that to evacuate foreign nationals, the Rafah border will reopen.


A Gazan official claims that 7,500 foreign passport holders will be returning from the region. 


In an offensive strike against Hamas, the Iran-backed militant group, Israel attacked the region by land, water, and air. The conflict arose when Hamas launched an attack against the southern border of Israel and Palestine. Israel claims that Hamas gunmen shot over 1,400 people and took 200 hostages, namely children. 


The Gazan health ministry states that over 8,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli attacks. This number included over 3,000 children. The attacks have been going on since the start of October. 


Israel claims that the recent strikes were successful in eliminating two Hamas leaders. The attack took place at Jabalia, a former refugee camp, in 1948. Moreover, Israeli sources state that Hamas had terror centres set up around civilian settlements.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, took to social media site X to state that Israel's disproportionate attacks could amount to war crimes. Over 195 people died in the Gaza attacks, with 120 missing. The total number of casualties is 777. 


A witness states that survivors were digging through the rubble to search for trapped survivors. It was a grave sight to see the loss of human lives. 


A man collecting items from the rubble


Israel claims that a soldier died on the ground in Gaza. Thus, it brings the total number of Israeli casualties to 17. Israeli forces state that they encountered several terrorist settlements in the northern Gaza Strip. 


Effects Of The Israeli Strikes

The Gaza Strip and the surrounding regions are running out of necessities such as food, shelter, and fuel. Dr. Fathi Abu al-Hassan, from America, states that the current conditions are hellish, with no food, water, or shelter. He is waiting to be evacuated to Egypt soon. 


The only cancer hospital in Gaza is also experiencing a fuel shortage and has shut down. All humanitarian aid and fuel supplies cannot enter Gaza. Israel claims that the Hamas militants would divert these resources for military use. 


The United States Sends Diplomat To Israel

Antony Blinken, the U.S. Secretary of State, will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A spokesperson states that he will meet with Israeli officials and assert the need to minimize Palestinian casualties. Antony Blinken will also work alongside Egypt and Qatar regarding the release of Hamas hostages.



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