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Joe Biden answers Vladimir Putin in Warsaw, Poland

Earlier today, on Tuesday, February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a speech in front of the nation and front of the political elite and Russian soldiers. Then, later today, Joe Biden addressed NATO and answered Putin in the Kubicki Arcades, in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland. The US President said: “A year later, I would say that NATO is stronger than ever.”Biden, in Kyiv, Ukraine yesterday and in Warsaw, Poland today showed again his support to Ukraine: “I can proudly say that our support for Ukraine is unwavering.”


Furthermore, Biden said: “When Russia invaded Ukraine, it put the whole world to the test. Europe has been tested, America, NATO, and all democracies have been tested. And the question that arose was simple: were we going to respond or ignore what was happening? Would we be strong or weak? Would we be united as an ally or divided?” Joe Biden appeared as a leader of peace, liberty, and democracy. He said that the defense of democracy and the liberty of the Ukrainians has been a success.


The US President incensed the Ukrainian capital city: “Kyiv is strong, Kyiv is proud, it stands up, and above all is free.” Furthermore, Joe Biden answered today’s Putin’s speech by saying the war is Putin’s choice. “Every day of war is Putin's choice,” according to Biden. He reacted to what Putin said earlier on the Occident that wants to destroy Russia. The head of state said: “The United States and Europe do not seek to destroy Russia. The West did not want to attack Russia as Putin said. Citizens who wish to live in peace with their neighbors are not our enemies.” “This war is not a necessity, it is a tragedy. This is a chosen war. Every day of war is Putin's choice. He could end the war with just one simple word. If Russia stops invading Ukraine, the war would end,” added the US leader.


Finally, in his speech, Biden defended NATO: “An attack on one [NATO] member is an attack on all its members.” NATO was a big part of his speech as he glorified the intergovernmental organization. Next year, the US would welcome the 24th NATO summit and it would be 75 years since NATO has been created. Biden qualified NATO as the “largest defensive alliance in the world.” He added: “ [NATO] is a sacred oath. What awaits us is not simply to fight a war, but also to defend our values ​​and the world we wish to build.” The US President said that the end of the war could be simple if Putin would stop attacking Ukraine. He explained that if NATO would end helping Ukraine, Ukraine would fall.  

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