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Joe Bidens’ TikTok: A New Era of Political Engagement

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In a strategic move that adds a layer of intersection to politics and technology, the current President of the United States has joined TikTok. Joe Biden unveiled his new account @bidenhq during the Super Bowl on Sunday. 


This bold move signifies not only a pivotal moment in the use of digital platforms, but also a deliberate effort entices younger voters in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election in November 2024. In a video with the caption ‘lol hey guys,’ Biden answers Super Bowl related this or that questions, which – as of Tuesday – has received 7.1 million views. 


Owned by the Chinese tech company ByteDance, TikTok has taken the internet by storm with short-content video content. Yet, the app has become a focal point of intense scrutinization from US lawmakers, concerned over the possibilities for potential breaches of national security. 


Calls for the app to be banned have echoed through the political sphere, influencing the content displayed on peoples’ ‘For You’ page, whereby algorithms work to predict upcoming videos that you may enjoy. Joe Bidens’ decision to join the platform questions the delicate balance between national security, data privacy and political engagement.


However, despite these concerns, White House spokesperson John Kirby has affirmed that the administration’s stance on TikTok’s security remains unchanged. Yet, this opinion is not echoed by everyone involved in US politics. On Monday, Democratic senator Mark Warner expressed his apprehensions regarding TikTok’s potential impact on national security.


As he stated, “I think that we still need to find a way to follow India, which has prohibited TikTok. I’m a little worried about the mixed message.” Even though the app has assured its secure data practices, concerns within the US Treasury persist, creating ambiguity about the potential consequences of President Bidens’ new app profile. 


In an era dominated by digital discourse, recent data analysis taken from The Circle show that 70% of young people had gotten information regarding the 2020 election on social media. This revelation sheds light on the transformative potential of social media in shaping political narratives in the modern age, prompting discussions and allowing certain political figures to ‘trend’ and ‘go viral.’ 


As the 2024 election looms over the White House, Joe Biden’s initiation into the TikTok world becomes a microcosm for the larger narratives surrounding the fusion of politics and technology. With over 170 million Americans now using the app, it is clear to see why President Joe Biden has made the move to reach the platforms of younger voters. Perhaps days of political rallies are gone, replaced by relatable online content, just one click away. 

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