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Khader Adnane Died in Israeli Detention After He Went Through Hunger Strike

Rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza this morning following the death of Kader Adnane, a figure associated with Islamic Jihad who died after a hunger strike in an Israeli prison. 

The Israeli prison administration announced this morning that Adnane, a Palestinian prisoner affiliated with terrorist groups, was found dead in his cell after protesting against his detention.


Who is Khader Adnane?


Khader Adnane was a Palestinian prisoner who was detained in Israel. He recently died after an 87-day hunger strike to protest against his detention without trial. Adnane had been imprisoned 12 times for renewable periods of 6 months without undergoing an official trial. The main reason for his arrest was his involvement in activities that threatened regional security.

Adnane was known to be a spokesman and leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the West Bank, which is designated as a terrorist group by a number of Western countries and Israel. As a result, the 45-year-old man was charged by Israel for being a member of the group and accused of being a terrorist. However, Israel had never charged him with involvement in attacks on Israelis.

Adnane was imprisoned in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2021, during which time he was released after undertaking hunger strikes. He was most recently detained in February 2023, and on Tuesday, he died after undertaking a 90-day hunger strike.



A New War?


As I am writing these words, Gaza has launched rockets toward Israel, and Israel has responded with its own airstrikes in the last few hours. The conflict has reignited after months of relative calm. The future of both countries remains uncertain, with terrorism continuing to affect Israel and the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank under the new government.

Following the rocket attacks, Khader Adnan's wife, Randa Musa, called for calm: "Not a single drop of blood was shed during his five previous hunger strikes. And today, as Sheikh Adnan has become a martyr, as he wished, I renew his call: we do not want the blood to be shed. We do not wish for it to be avenged. We do not want some to fire rockets and others to retaliate against Gaza.”


Edited by Adedamola Aregbesola 


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