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Missile Explosion in Kyiv

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Nearly three years have passed since Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine, and during that time, the city of Kyiv was the target of significant air force attack. 


Tragically, the current number of injured individuals surmounts to 17, which includes a child who was reportedly injured by the fallen debris of nearby buildings.



Although Ukrainian forces managed to intercept approximately 31 missiles headed for Kyiv by Russian air forces, the remnants of the missiles had a significant impact on the individuals living in Kyiv.


In what followed, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, made yet another call to the military in Western countries, seeking allyship in the war against Russia.


Reports state that citizens heard multiple explosions throughout the night, with rockets being shot down by the defense missile troops. It can be assumed that this was a long night for many, sending panic through the streets of Kyiv.


President Zelensky is worried that Ukrainian forces may run out of ammunition and armament, appealing to Germany at an international conference last month. This is crucial to continue efforts to terminate the missiles headed for cities in Ukraine.


Although thousands of women and children have been evacuated from their homes in the city, it is not enough for the impacts that these missile attacks are having on many on the ground.


With an additional 16 individuals killed in attacks in Belgorod, a city in the West of Russia, it seems that the war may be increasing in momentum instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Although an international appeal has been made by President Zelensky, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia has stated that the strikes on Belgorod made by Ukrainian forces will, “not go unpunished.” Despite its ambiguity, Ukrainian forces can expect the effects of this in the coming months.


Although hundreds of civilians have already been killed by Russian military airstrikes, Russia has vehemently refuted any accusations that it deliberately targets civilians. The capital has now been set up with air raid shelters, along with air raid sirens in hopes to keep its citizens safe.


Schools, hospitals, and industrial buildings have all been destroyed on the ground. This invasion has reached what some may call the most crucial stage in international recognition, marking a significant period that the war has been fought between the two countries.


Urgent appeals for international aid puts the spotlight on Western countries, in particular organizations such as NATO, to push for aid packages or troops to be deployed.


As the war continues, civilians on both sides are living in the toughest conditions of war-torn cities. Living in fear, for many, the end of the war could not come soon enough. More reports will follow.


Edited By: Ayantika Ghosh

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