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Nigeria: 40 breeders died in a bomb explosion

On Wednesday, January 25, according to the Nasawara State police, 40 breeders died and many others have been injured in an explosion. Officials say breeders were in Rukubi, Nigeria when a bomb exploded on them. The police are investigating why this bomb exploded and where it came from. 


Official Maiyaki Muhammed Baba said: “We have established that 27 people were killed in the blast and many livestock. Several other people were injured and the death toll could mount as searches are still going on.” However, on Thursday, January 26, 40 breeders died in this explosion, according to officials. Some breeders told a different version of what happened in Rukubi. According to Lawal Dano of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, the explosion was due to an “air strike.” He added: “We all know that only the military has planes to carry out airstrikes, and we call for a thorough investigation and necessary sanctions for those behind it.”


Furthermore, Abdullahi Sule, the Nasawara governor said on Arise News, a Nigerian TV channel: “There was a rumor earlier that the Air Force carried out this bombing, but we now know that there was no Air Force overflight. It will be difficult to arrest suspects of Nasarawa, Benue States border bombing now” He added without any precise information that “it was a drone that flew over the area and dropped the bomb.”


Nowadays, the Nigerian army is still fighting jihadists and criminals. This “war” killed many civilians in the past. In September 2021, a Nigerian air strike on Yunusari, a local government area in Yobe State, killed 10 civilians and injured 20 others trying to fight the Boko Haram organization. 


Moreover, this explosion happened one day after a meeting between the Tor Tiv in Benue State and the Emir of Lafia in Nasarawa State to talk about ceaseless killings in towns between Benue and Nasarawa. 


On Saturday, February 25, Nigeria will elect its new president since the actual one, Muhammadu Buhari won’t run for a third term after being elected in 2015 and reelected in 2019. Insecurity will be one of the main issues in the presidential election and the next term. 


Nigerian army air strikes are not the only incidents that happen in Nigeria. There are many conflicts between breeders and farmers regarding grazing and water rights that also kill innocent civilians. As of now the explosion in Rukubi is still a mystery.


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