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Pensioners protesting in the street of Wuhan

 Thousands of pensioners took to the streets of the Chinese cities of Wuhan and Dalian. They protested against the cuts to medical benefits. China has zero health benefits from COVID 19. China has free public health policies. This health care is under the social insurance plan for the people of China. Thousands of pensioners protested against the police in the streets of China. Police have stopped public transport from coming to that particular spot. Videos posted on social media were removed by the government. The protests began last week. The protests began just a few weeks before. Beijing has commented on the social media posts. China provides health care policies for the native population. Basic public health care is provided to the Chinese people. Wuhan, which is home to 11 million people made a strain on the finances of the local government through their protests. They are providing healthcare policies to healthcare homes. The protesters protested against the police and song the anthem employed by the ruling Communist party "The Internationale". China is regarded as an authoritarian state. It is an authoritarian state as it stresses central decision-making. China as a democratic country has managed crises like the COVID 19 crisis. Although research has led to crisis management in China. One witness has seen protesters taken away by the police. China has an authoritarian public health crisis management system and has managed public health crises. On Thursday a couple of thousand seniors were discussing their anger on the public health policy changes in the local Zhoushan park. Nearly 100 police officers gathered behind the crowd. The total security was tight by the plain cloth officers. The protest was against the native urban residents. Protesters gathered on February 8th. The Chinese people have out-of-pocket expenses. The collective pool will shoulder more than a person's healthcare. Workers in China are expected to retire young at an age of 50. Mass testing and quarantine were mandated by the Central Government. In 1990 the local government lost their ability to collect the tax due to policy changes in the Central Government. Sales of land leases boomed and were equal to 7 per cent of leases of land. A slow-motion housing crisis in the autumn of 2021 developed due to the Chinese model for local government financing. Dozens of developers have failed to give their debts and have pulled back sharply from leading lands. Covid-19 has led to a crash in the world's economy and led to the death of many people all over the world. The COVID-19 virus has mutated and taken many forms. Wuhan in the Central Chinese people has witnessed the demonstration of the retirees. Chinese regional government has faced a fiscal imbalance that has worsened due to expenses for COVID testing. Wednesday protests started after the new insurance policy on February 1. Public anger has been provoked as the elderly have been not receiving health care. Local government has rolled out changes that led to sharp cuts in money for the elderly. As the prices of food items have risen above the normal level, it has become a headache for the elderly to buy food items. At this point in time, the Central Government has taken away the health care benefits for elderly citizens. This led to an outburst among the citizens. Police have been seen trying to control the protests of the Chinese people in the streets of Wuhan. Many retirees have been detained by the police.

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