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Putin prepares Russia for a long war according to NATO Secretary General

On Friday, December 14, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg talked about the Russia-Ukraine war with AFP (Agence-France-Presse). According to him, Putin prepares Russia for a long war. Stoltenberg said: “There is no indication that Putin has given up on his goal of controlling Ukraine,” ten months after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


NATO Secretary General said: “We see that Russia is mobilizing more forces, that it is ready to take a lot of losses as well, that Russia is trying to get access to more weapons and ammunition.” Countries members of NATO helped Ukraine by delivering arms to the country. As a result, Ukraine could resist Russian soldiers. However, Stoltenberg said: “We should not underestimate Russia. This country is preparing for a long war.”


Stoltenberg warned: “We must understand that President Putin is ready to be in this war for a long time and to launch new offensives.” He added: “ Most likely, this war will end at the negotiating table, like most wars. Ukraine [needs to] needs to prevail as a sovereign and independent nation.”

NATO Secretary General explained how it can happen: “The fastest way to do this is to support them militarily so that President Putin understands that he cannot win on the battlefield, but has to sit down and negotiate in good faith.”


However, according to US reports, the goal is to send Patriot missile batteries to Ukraine since Moscow sent missile strikes on Ukrainian civil energy infrastructures. Stoltenberg said: “We have a dialogue among allies on additional systems, but it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that all systems that are delivered are functional.” 


Regarding arms stocks, NATO Secretary General stated: “We are increasing our production for this very purpose so that we can both replenish our own stocks for deterrence and defense and continue to support Ukraine over the long term.” 


Furthermore, during his interview with AFP, Stoltenberg linked the Russia/Ukraine war and WWII: “This is the most dangerous security crisis we have experienced in Europe since World War II. It’s a pivotal moment.” 


Stoltenberg also talked about Putin: “The nuclear rhetoric, with references to the potential use of nuclear weapons, is reckless and dangerous. His goal is of course to dissuade us from supporting Ukraine, but he won't be able to do that.” He added: “[We need to be] vigilant and will constantly watch what [Russia] is doing.”


Finally, he remembered what is his role: “I aim to carry out my responsibilities as NATO Secretary General in such a way that the Alliance remains united. That is my only concern and then I leave it to the Heads of State and Government to decide who will succeed me.”

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