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Russian mercenaries start internal rebellion as Wagner group March towards Moscow

Latest on 24 June 2023, Russian largest mercenary group, the Wagner Private Military Company (The Wagner groups) has launched a armed rebellion on the Putin regime, as the group marches towards Moscow, readied to face a serious combat. Reports have said that some russia military, such as the whole 22nd special forces Brigade, alongside other militaries at the border areas, have surrendered or joined the force. Videos leaked have shown the Wagners have shot down Russian helicopters, by morning of 24 June 2023.

Reporeted by media like the guardian to follow up on the groups’s updates on telegram, Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, better recognised as “Putin’s Chef”, have admitted the rebellion as a prepared act, his voice team recorded voice memos, stating that throughout the Ukraine-Russian war a hug number of fighters are killed in air strike, and the group have to respond to such evil doings, warning that if anyone is to stop them, they will destroy everything.

The group and its militsry are reported to be giving farewells to their relatives, hinting that they might have received notice from Prigozhin earlier dates. The Wagners have also continuously updated the current situation, such as occupying the southern Rostov-on-Don area’s military base, with more videos posted suggesting that the group leader might be meeting with current deputy defence minister Yunus-Bek Yevkuro, as they argued and Yevkurov criticised Prigozhin’s rebellion act as a “holiday for Kiev”.

After confirming the mutiny, Russia President Putin addressed and responded to the armed civil unrest attempt quickly, broadcasting an emergency television address in the morning of 24 June 2023, accusing Prgozhin and his men as treason, posing strong words to punish everyone attempting divide Russia, and he will take any measures to protect the country.

Despite the strong wordings, netizens have cited take off of the RSD 697, the aircraft for Putin organised by the Special flight squadrons, in the afternoon same day, heading towards St.Petersburg before loading track online, along with several business jets that have taken off, suspected to be Russian elites.

Allies of Russia from CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) have also seem unwilling to provide help to Putin, as countries like Kazakhstan and Belarus, who reporters said Putin called on for support, yet the presidents for both states rejected to provide help, stating the matter as “Russia’s internal affairs”, as Belarus president Lukashenko flew to Turkey.

After the news of the Wagners occupation at Rostov spread, the city of Moscow declared an “anti-terrorist operation” mode in the morning same day, as the capital and its surrounding regions are greatly shut, displaying that the authority are facing high level of anxiety and challenge.

By midnight, the Wagners announced that they have reach deal with the Putin regime and will be leaving the capital and occupied Rostov areas, as Financial Times reported that the deal was strikes between Belarus president Lukashenko and Prigozhin after entire day of negotiations, but details of the deal offered is yet to be disclosed.  The affair ended in sudden and unexpected ways, yet the mutiny displayed great flaws of internal solidarity in Russia, it will give the Ukrainians a good break from their latest attempt to fight back that face difficulties and are not meeting expectations, CNN reported.

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