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Super Bowl Crashes Tesla’s Reputation

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most important sports events in the world. Billions of people from hundreds of countries get together to enjoy a night of pure magic, where football (American football) is the protagonist. However, crucial to the event are not only the game itself but also the music performances and advertising campaigns shown during the halftime break. 

Unfortunately, this year’s show has negatively impacted Testa and the very discussed Elon Musk.


Yesterday night, the American NFL (National Football League) presented the 57th edition of the Super Bowl, which saw the Kansas City Chief and Philadelphia Eagles taking over the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The night was rich in plot twists and good battles until the last point, when the Kansas City Chief won with 38 points, bringing home the NFL trophy for the third time.


However, the Super Bowl is not only globally known for the game itself but also because of the iconic performances that take place during the halftime break. This year, a pregnant Rihanna conquered the State Farm Stadium and the living rooms of those watching from home with a breathtaking show. 

Along with her, the break was rich in expensive commercials. As reported by The Independent, it’s estimated that a 30-second spot costs around $7 million, but the prestige and effectiveness of having for company advertised at the Super Bowl has no price.


However, expensive advertisements are not always good, at least not for everyone.

This year it was the time of Elon Musk; you witnessed his beloved Testa being attacked by the Californian tech entrepreneur Dan O’Dowd.

The reasons behind the 66-year-old’s behavior can be explained by the fact that O’Dowd strongly believes that Tesla self-driving cars are dangerous for people.


The Californian entrepreneur, along with the safety advocacy group The Dawn Project, created a graphic ad video demonstrating the unreliability of Tesla’s self-driving technology by showing a ‘Tesla 3 car ignoring a school bus’s warning lights and crashing into a child mannequin, hitting a pram and speeding past no-entry signs’, as The Independent continues. 

The ad, previously announced on Twitter by O’Dowd, has been seen by millions across the US and the world, negatively impacting Tesla’s image.


However, reflecting on how “dangerous” Musk himself defined humans’ driving skills and how many accidents we see in the streets every day, it is easy to question what the best option would be. 

In this context, it is crucial to know that self-driving technology is not being used by Tesla yet. Experimental prototypes are being built, and tests are being run so that the technology can be improved for the future.

Perhaps, we could agree that self-driving technology is the future of the automotive industry, as it aims to make our lives safer and more accessible. However, this is not the future yet, and at the moment, our driving abilities are the best option still.

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