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The Expansion of BRICS

On August 24, 2023, BRICS extended its alliance to include 6 more countries, in line with its commitment to representing the Global South. Originally composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, BRICS has now reached out to Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, and Ethiopia to join its ranks. This expansion transforms the BRICS grouping into a promising platform for inclusivity and multipolarity.

As the Western bloc's solidarity strengthens due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the inclusion of new members within BRICS and the progressive decisions made during the 15th BRICS Summit underscores the growing significance of the Global South. This expansion also emphasizes the group's commitment to neutrality in its approach.

The addition of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the UAE under a single umbrella unites the three-leading oil-producing nations globally. This move presents India and other nations with an opportunity to fortify their ties with West Asia, potentially enhancing their economic presence within the region. Despite concerns expressed by some experts about the expansion, particularly regarding India's influence in the region given the perception of Chinese leadership, India fully supports this development. The expansion aligns with BRICS' overarching promise to establish a fair, inclusive, multipolar, and sustainable global order.

Furthermore, including Iran in the grouping alongside Russia and China bolsters the anti-Western sentiment within BRICS. However, the presence of Egypt, Ethiopia, and India serves as a balancing mechanism against such a sentiment, ensuring a more diverse perspective within the alliance.

Although BRICS has faced criticism for internal divisions among member countries in the past, the 15th BRICS Summit has taken steps to address these concerns. The summit reflects a concerted effort to progress towards the group's ultimate objective of promoting global good governance.


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