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The Grinch Who Stole Easter? 200,000 Iconic Chocolate Eggs Stolen

A thief in the UK has made away with 200,000 Cadbury’s creme eggs (a type of chocolate easter egg, often seen as an iconic snack within the United Kingdom). £31,000 worth of these eggs were taken. 


Joby Pool, 32, took hundreds and thousands of the eggs in Telford from an industrial holding unit. Reports stated that he used a metal grinder to break into the unit. The amount of planning required to claim the entire tractor led the investigators to believe that the theft was very likely premeditated or at least had involved heavy planning. 


He was stopped on the M42 motorway by police in the area, who stated that they had saved Easter for Creme Egg fans” when they had found the man who had taken the massive haul of eggs. 


According to CNN Pool’s solicitor, John McMillan told the court: “He wasn’t offering any resistance, and he was then arrested.” 


It is any wonder what the egg thief might have done with 200,000 creme eggs, considering that they would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to resell and also impossible to eat entirely by yourself. Although the theft was likely premeditated, it was possible that even Pool himself had not known that the holding unit he was stealing from would be primarily full of creme eggs that could not be resold. 


With nothing he could truly do with the great hall of eggs, he found himself with nothing to do but to turn himself in. 


According to GRM daily, Pool is due to be sentenced on March 14th and is likely to be sentenced to two years in prison. 



Classic Creme Egg Packaging from Over Fifty Years Ago


What’s so significant about these chocolate eggs anyway?


Cadbury’s creme egg has been a staple of easter in the UK since 1963. They are typically sold between New Year’s and Easter and have sales of over 200 million a year. 


The brand is sold not only within the United Kingdom but also in various other countries, such as Canada and the United States, with recent polling suggesting that one of the most famous sweets within the United Kingdom itself. With many variants of the egg also going on sale, such a Caramel Eggs, Creme Egg Pots Of Joy, Oreo Cream Eggs and White Chocolate Creme Eggs. 


In fact, the presence of the chocolate eggs are nearly inescapable, especially within the United Kingdom itself, at least within the designated ‘creme egg season’. Recently, Cadbury has used special creme eggs to host contests to increase promotion across the season. 


However, the amount of money you’d win in the most recent creme egg contest wouldn’t be enough to cover the £31,000 of eggs which were stolen.



A Large Amount of Modern Creme Eggs


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