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The Israeli bombings in Gaza

“Israel bombs Gaza” became the headline of various news channels and papers around the globe sending a reminder of the unfortunate world of crisis of various refugees prisoned at the numerous camps in countries harbouring a politically unstable climate.

The bombings carried out by Israel in Gaza were a part of an Israeli raid carried out in retaliation for the firing of a few rockets launched by the Palestinian militant stronghold in the West Bank towards southern Israel as reported by Al Jazeera. The air offensive carried out by the Israeli administration in the city of Jenin in the Israel-occupied West Bank resulted in the killing of 12 Palestinians and leaving several others wounded in what was called the largest operation in Jenin in the last 20 years.


This raid which has been documented as one assaulting the refugees of the Jenin camp where those displaced during the 1948-1949 Arab-Israeli war were given shelter, and now harbours around 14000 individuals has triggered a brutal reminder of the urgent need for international intervention to stop such crises affecting individuals around the globe.

The Israeli strike was condemned by various countries including the UAE which declared humanitarian assistance of around 15 million US dollars to rebuild the refugee camp of Jenin. Furthermore, the United Nations Chief Guterres commented, “As an occupying power, it is Israel’s responsibility to protect Palestinians from violence.” The act drew criticism from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry by stating, “complete rejection of the repeated Israeli attacks and incursions against Palestinian cities, resulting in innocent civilian casualties due to the use of excessive and indiscriminate force, and a flagrant violation of the provisions of international law and international legitimacy, especially the International humanitarian law that imposes clear and concise commitments, by Egypt.” 

Iran, which has been blamed by the Israeli administration for investing in the militant activities of the Jenin camp by funding groups such as the Islamist Jihadis and Hamas, too criticised the raid by calling it a “reckless crime and a prominent measure of state terrorism.” 

Besides the endless criticism that Israel drew towards itself following the raid in Jenin, it has also drawn criticism since the onset of the Ukrainian refugee crisis to shelter and settle the displaced Jewish Ukrainians under the law of return according to which Jews can migrate to Israel and automatically become its citizen; but still refusing the thousands of Palestinian refugees living in deplorable conditions. 

The plight of the Palestinian refugees, the largest stateless community, is evident through the reports of children being hit by shrapnel during the raid carried out on Monday, July 3rd as reported by the Palestinian news outlet Wafa. Furthermore, the news outlet also reported various attacks being carried out in the West Bank by Israeli settlers against the Palestinian residents in the region. 

These attacks were not new, the Israeli administration has carried out various other raids in the region as well in the past. While the government claims to carry out these offensives against the ‘proxies of Iran’ such as the Hamas and the Islamist Jihadis, the true victims are the innocent civilians who get caught up in between the crossfires, the victims who lost their homes in the bombing carried out by Israel in the region. Thus, humanitarian aid is of utmost importance for these innocent victims of war to rebuild their lives. And, there is also a dire need for international intervention to stop such crises and provide a haven for the various dispersed refugees in the camps around the globe.

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