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The line, the future Saudi city

Learn about the future city which the Saudi Arabian government wants to build, in the form of a huge 170 km-long skyscraper, a megalopolis from scratch. The idea is to build an extremely long type of skyscraper that is guaranteed to use clean energy in the middle of the Saudi desert.

According to Neon, the owner of the project, THE LINE is a kind of revolution in civilization where the human being becomes a priority and is put first. It promises to provide a city life while preserving the comprehensive. surrounding nature. It restates and portrays the concept of urban development and how futuristic cities should be represented.

This new city has a configuration to be a small country, incorporating an airport, over a thousand hectares of plantations, industrial areas, and what everyone believed to be impossible, but the first large ski park in the desert. A city with no roads, no carbon emissions, and no cars or trucks. It will be made with 100% renewable energy and great preservation of nature. Transportation and infrastructure will be prioritized, unlike traditional cities.

One of the major goals behind this grandiose project is to make the space that a normal city occupies as small as possible. The project is for a very long and narrow city, which includes two huge "horizontal" and parallel buildings 200 meters wide, 170 kilometers long, and 500 meters high. It will be taller than the Empire State, a 102-story skyscraper in downtown Manhattan, and will cross the territory of Neom in the northeast of the country, near the Red Sea. 

The project promises that the residents of this city will have easy access to their basic needs. The distances to places such as markets, recreational areas, pharmacies, or hospitals will be an average of a 5-minute walk. And if you want to get from one end of the city to the other, it will only take 20 minutes because of the 100% electric, carbon-free high-speed trains. Water and energy will be completely renewable, including water from the desalination of the Red Sea. Green areas will be essential in the city, both for the comfort of those living or walking around, but also to improve the air in the region. They state: "The environment will be carefully created to allow a balance between sunlight, shade, and natural ventilation", thus improving the standard of living for residents. 

The city is expected to be ready by 2030 according to the Saudi government. Construction timelines or even the more specific details of the plan have not yet been published.


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