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The Top 10 Universities in the UK


Here are the top 10 universities ranked by the complete University guide

Whether you have started University now or are planning to next year… there is a huge amount of universities to choose from around the United Kingdom. The Complete University Guide has made a league table for 2023 and it ranks the best universities in the UK overall and 74 subject areas. 

This can help you choose the best university for your future as the choice can be tough but here are the top 10 current universities in the UK and their overall scores that were given.  

  1. University of Oxford (100%) 

  2. University of Cambridge (99%)

  3. London School of Economics and Politics (96%) 

  4. University of St Andrews (93%)

  5. Imperial College London (91%)

  6. Durham University (90%)

  7. Loughborough University (88%) 

  8. University of Bath (87%)

  9. UCL (University College London) (86%)

  10. University of Warwick (84%)

 However, as much as these Universities are the best in the country, they may not be the best for what you want to study. The Complete University Guide allows you to sort them by what is most important to you. See the university rankings for your chosen subject and then you can filter by region, entry standards, student satisfaction, graduate prospects and more. 


Furthermore, the Uni Guide has also released an article about how to find out which University is right for you. You have over 160 universities to choose from in the UK which is daunting so here are some factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing according to the Uni Guide. 


Firstly, the course is the main point. Look at the course content and see if all the universities offer the course you are interested in. You have also got to look at the entry requirements of the course you want to study and what other possibilities they may offer. For example, there may be opportunities to study abroad, connections with future industries, placement options and modern facilities. 


Another way to narrow down your options is to decide on the location of the University. You may stay in the area after you have graduated or it may be the best place to live and work in the future so you have to decide if you want to stay closer to home or be away. Universities always do many open days where you have a chance to physically visit the University and see for yourself whether it is the right place for you. 


The final main point to consider is the cost of living. There may be fear of accommodation costs draining your bank account on private housing or halls so here are some things to consider when moving out: 


  • How much will your accommodation cost each term? 

  • How much will your travel be? Is it easy to get to campus from your halls? 

  • Are there any extras you will have to pay for on your course? 

  • Are there any part-time job opportunities around the area or even at the University? 


Choosing a university can be daunting but if you consider these factors that the Uni Guide has provided and focus on what course you would like to study you will end up making a good decision. 


Find out more by going on the website:https://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/league-tables/rankings and https://www.theuniguide.co.uk/advice/choosing-a-course/which-university-is-best-for-you


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