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This Earthquake Survivor from Syria lost 7 family members


The earthquake has occurred in Jinderis,Syria on 8 th of February.Ibrahim Khalil Menkaween lost seven family members in an earthquake in Syria. He lost his brothers, his younger son, their wives and grandson. Although hopes of finding people alive in the earthquake have gradually faded away .This earthquake has crushed the homes of thousands of people, leaving them homeless.They are waiting for relief crews to help him recover the dead bodies. He was seen carrying white body bags to collect the remains of his brothers.Three days after the earthquake the hope of finding the dead bodies are gradually becomes nil. In Syria,the people are hoping to get help from other countries. 

United Nations is providing relief to 4.1 million people in north-west Syria. United States has eased the sanctions for aid in Syria for 180 days.

But only a few people who live around the affected people came to their rescue. When the earthquake first happened,no country came to their rescue. The roofs of many houses came crushing down after the terrible earthquake. Thousands of homeless people were waiting to be rescued and no people came to their rescue till three days. The earthquake has happened in Turkey and Syria.It has natural disaster and it has affected thousands of lives. This Earthquake has taken away many lives and the death record may be on the rise.The people are waiting for the dead bodies of their relatives to be retrieved. The ambulances are reaching the earthquake spot and providing aid to the hurt people.The affected people are waiting for the rescue crew to come into action and retrieve the dead bodies. When the crane's owner was asked to come to retrieve the dead bodies of the relatives of the affected Syrian families, he denied to help them out. He was busy and simply denied to help them because he didn't have any fuel.This Earthquake has taken thousands of lives and the number of deaths may even rise. There is no one to help them if people from all over the world do not help them.The house remains are being removed with the help of cranes. But still no country but the United Nations and the United States has helped out the people of Syria. The Syrian people are waiting for rescue crew to be helped.This humanitarian cause should be appreciated by all of us. The earthquake affected people are still in need of help so that they can survive in this situation.This event is the worst possible event in the last 100 years.The help from people all over the world is appreciated specially the medical aid to support the health of the injured people by the countries falling under the United Nations.






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