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Top to bottom illiterates: Arvind Kejriwal amid Delhi Budget Scandal

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, claimed today that the objections raised by the Centre to the budget are unconstitutional and without any merit. Speaking before the Delhi assembly, where the budget was to be unveiled today, Mr Kejriwal claimed that up until this point, no Central government has broken convention by delaying a state's budget.

Then, he pointed out flaws in the arguments put forth by the Centre. He noted that 500 crores had been set up in the budget for advertising and that 20,000 crores had been set aside for infrastructure. There is no mention of the 500:20,000 ratio.

The Chief Minister, whose administration considers the renovation of Delhi schools one of its greatest successes, claimed that they have maintained a bunch of illiterate individuals from top to bottom.

When Mr Kejriwal said, "I have not taken the name of your leader," the small group of BJP members erupted into a commotion of protest, causing the entire room to erupt in laughter. A clarification was requested after sources in the home ministry claimed yesterday that the AAP government's budget proposal featured a substantial allocation for advertising and just little cash for infrastructure and other development activities.

According to AAP, they acquired the material last night. Finance Minister Kailash Gahlot refuted the allegations and stated that of the 78,800 crore budget, 22,000 crore was set aside for infrastructure and 550 crore for advertising.

Gahlot was scheduled to deliver the budget to the Delhi Assembly today. The budget presentation had been delayed by the back and forth, which the AAP attributed on the Centre. The Union Home Ministry has voiced some opposition, the minister was informed on 20th at 2 pm.

The minister continued to call after that, and at six o'clock in the evening, the file was kept in front of the minister. Although Mr. Kejriwal said that we had the option of fighting or going to court, we reacted to all criticism. Today, sources claimed that the Center had approved the budget. The same budget, according to Mr. Kejriwal, has just been approved.

They approved the budget after we addressed their concerns. They had the option of doing it sooner. Just give it to someone who understands budget instead of these illiterates, I'm just saying," he continued. In the midst of the argument, the Chief Minister wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi accusing the Center of purposefully delaying the budget.

He reaffirmed the message throughout today's gathering. Since 2015, the BJP has often accused the AAP of misusing public cash for advertisements. Even the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, poked fun at the AAP in 2021, stating that of the two political cultures in the nation, one was characterized by the silent worker and the other by Karo ya na karo, ads do, and TV interviews do. (Just give commercials even if you don't do anything and give interviews to TV news programs.

He had claimed that Delhi's residents had learned who truly carries out development activities and who merely pays lip service.


Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena had issued an order in December of last year directing AAP to reimburse the government for the 163.62 crore it had improperly spent on advertising. The Directorate of Information and Publicity's recovery notice has started a significant political controversy.

Manish Sisodia, then the deputy chief minister, had before brought up the fact that BJP chief ministers' advertising are also printed in Delhi's publications. Will the BJP also get their money back? he had asked.

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