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Ukraine Warns Of Potential War Setback Without New US Military Aid

Andriy Yermak, the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, issued a daunting caution that Ukraine faces a significant risk of losing ground in its war against Russia if it doesn't receive fresh supplies of American military assistance. Yermak emphasized the critical role of ongoing American support, highlighting a 'huge risk' of Ukraine's defeat without it.

"Staying in the same positions and simply surviving will be difficult for us," he added while speaking on Tuesday at the US Institute of Peace in Washington, according to the BBC.

The warning from Yermak came just ahead of President Zelensky's last-minute cancellation of a scheduled video conference with US senators. The session aimed to provide an update on the ongoing military operations. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hinted at unforeseen circumstances preventing Zelensky's attendance, stating, "Zelenskiy, by the way, could not make it… something happened at the last minute," The Guardian addressed

Zelensky was slated to address the senators on December 5, 2023, to shed light on the current war scenario and rally for continuous military support for Kyiv. Meanwhile, on December 6, 2023, the US Senate gears up for a critical vote on the allocation of a new package of military aid to Ukraine. President Joe Biden had previously urged Congress to approve $106 billion, including substantial funds of $61.4 billion to Ukraine and $14.3 billion to Israel.

However, the House of Representatives, comprised predominantly of the Republicans, only greenlit the aid for Israel, leading to a deadlock in the Senate orchestrated by the Democrats. Some European Union members have also opposed a 20-billion-euro ($21.75 billion) military aid proposal for Ukraine.

Reuters also noted that Russian forces, holding approximately 17.5% of Ukraine's territory, have resumed their offensive in the east. Despite the counteroffensive, Ukraine faced challenges penetrating extensive defensive positions in the southern and eastern regions. This grim turn of events sharply contrasts with Kyiv's optimistic atmosphere a year ago.

In light of this, Chuck Schumer, a Senate Majority Leader, warned that "without more aid from Congress, Ukraine may fall, democracy in Europe will be imperilled, and those who think Vladimir Putin will stop merely at Ukraine willfully ignored the clear and unmistakable warnings of history.", CNN reports.

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