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Ukrainian Women to Drafted to Face Russian Forces

Ukraine's Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov, has updated regulations to include women in the draft. As Russian forces advance toward the country's border, women are now required to enter the combat forces and potentially be called to battle.

Women of all professions are being drafted, from musicians to doctors. The Ukrainian army has allowed women to join since 1993, but men make up over 80% of armed forces in the country. At the beginning of the war, February 2022, the draft included men aged 16 to 60 and placed them under a travel ban. Approximately 20,000 men have fled the country to avoid the draft. 

The current draft efforts and the inclusion of women in the combat forces show that Ukraine is not willing to give up its fight against Russian occupation. "This sends a powerful signal to Moscow that Ukrainians are ready to resist," said Oleksandra Ustinova, a member of Ukraine's national parliament. 

In September 2023, women with a medical or pharmaceutical background were required to join the armed forces starting on October 1st. Unlike the broader draft, these women were not subject to a travel ban, allowing them to continue contributing to their professions, while on standby for military service. This targeted approach highlights the strategic thinking behind the draft. Ensuring that individuals with critical skills are available to support the military's needs during this challenging period.

As Ukraine navigates the complex terrain of the conflict, the decision to draft women emerges as a defining moment in the nation's struggle for survival. The diverse talents and skills of both men and women are being strategically marshaled to construct a formidable defense against external aggression. 

While Russia clings to the traditional archetype of a masculinized military, emphasizing a rigid social order. Ukraine's decision to integrate women into its armed forces signals a departure towards a more inclusive and egalitarian societal framework. Moscow's steadfast adherence to a patriarchal military structure, devoid of women soldiers reflects its commitment to a conventional and conservative narrative. 

Conversely, the growing presence of women in Ukraine's military serves as a pragmatic response to the exigencies of the conflict. However, it also mirrors Kyiv's commitment to a progressive vision of a society, where gender inclusivity is acknowledged and actively embraced. This stark divergence in military policies underscores the broader ideological clash between Russia and Ukraine. Not only on the battlefield, but also in the fundamental values that shape the character of their respective nations.

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