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US Port Set to Deliver Food Packages to Gaza

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In partnership with private firm Fogbow, the US have unveiled plans for construction in Gaza. The plans include the building of a pier in order to deliver food packages by air to the remaining people in Gaza, currently without any food resources. These plans are expected to include the participation of more than 1,000 US troops, with hopes that no soldiers will be anywhere near the ground. 


With a warning from the United Nations that an inevitable famine is looming, the US plans of the port have planned to deliver up to 2 million meals per day, in order to potentially sustain the lives of individuals facing starvation amongst extremely vulnerable conditions. 


However, the project comes with a plethora of logistical uncertainties and concerns. Firstly, the plan states that a causeway, a floating dock and a pier will have to be built before any packages are set to be delivered. This means that the troops have been deployed who have previous experience in disaster relief in countries such as Haiti and Somalia.


With building yet to be undertaken, it is essential that the troops involved in the mission are trained and experienced in aid relief to ensure the safety and security of both the victims on the ground and the soldiers up above. 


Additionally, the plan is only set to succeed of the troops ensure tangible security measures in order to combat issues such as open fire in an active zone of combat, and from the crowds that will inevitably be gathering on the shores waiting for the relief packages. Therefore, the effectiveness of these aid missions depends almost entirely on the behaviour of the individuals waiting for relief.


In an interview with the BBC, retired Admiral for the US Navy Mark Montgomery stated, “You cannot have civilians getting on the pier, hey could be a parent desperately looking for food for their children - or they could be trying to kill somebody. That would shut down operations.”


Other logistical problems include the precise location at which the packages will be dropped, with troops needing specific angular precision and particular sand conditions in order to complete the missions successfully. Yet, many are criticising the US, with little to no hope that the mission is capable of being completed successfully. 


Previous attempts to airdrop food packages from the US have failed, resulting in criticism from multiple aid groups, including the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians. These unsuccessful attempts could potentially result in increased danger for the people below, meaning that the troops must work together if this plan is to come to fruition. It is important to note that the US are using the port in order to side-line the current problem in providing aid relief in Gaza; Israeli restrictions on roads mean that the majority of relief packages have been restricted and confiscated.


Despite the US’s open support of Israel in the 5 months of war and their contestation of Hamas as a terrorist group, these packages are one of the first steps taken by the Western world to provide aid to the people of Gaza. In what follows, the US’s decision to provide relief may prompt other nations to act. More stories will follow as the situation continues. 


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