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Venezuelan Rapper Canserbero Was Murdered According to A New Investigation

Ricardo Paulino

Tyrone Gonzalez, -(the real name of the Venezuelan songwriter),- who had said the statements of the Attorney General of the Republic for the year 2015 that the musician had first murdered Carlos Molnar (his own bassist) and then committed an act of suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of a building in the city of Maracay (120km from Caracas).

The case was strange for public opinion and left loose ends. The owner of the apartment where the events occurred was the Manager of Canserbero, Natalia Amestica, and in turn, the partner of the bassist player [Molnar] murdered on the night of January 19, 2015. The recent version carried out by the General Prosecutor Tarek William Saab has denied this version, alleging that both musicians were killed by stab wounds inflicted by the manager.

The rapper was stabbed and drugged, according to the musician's former manager Natalia Améstica. Then, she hurled the rapper's body out of a ten-story window with her brother's assistance [Guillermo].

Reopening the case as a homicide-suicide eight years ago, the prosecutor's office also releases a video in which the singer's former manager admits to killing him and using intelligence service agents to clean up the crime scene. The two men were sedated with a medication called (Alpram), and then killed. The woman declared that her brother arrived with some police officials to finish arranging the scene so that everything would look like a homicide-suicide.

“We have complied and Canserbero can rest in peace wherever he is, because those who killed him are now in prison.” Saab said. The brothers [Amestica] testified that the judicial police who arrived to look into the incident demanded a $10,000 bribe in order to validate the homicide-suicide theory. The inquiry stated that the Amesticas fled to Chile following the events, but they later returned to Venezuela when the case was dropped. "These horrific disclosures demonstrate how the Amestica brothers, who are of Chilean descent, plotted to murder Tyrone González, Canserbero, and Carlos Molnar due to financial aspirations, envy, and hatred," the prosecutor said.

President Maduro spoke about it

“Despite the stain they cast on [Canserbero], unjust, brutal; What his name, his lyrics and his art did was grow. "Canserbero today is recognized in the world, if not the main one, one of the main rappers in the Spanish language." Likewise, he indicated that “all the investigation with the latest technology in the forensic and criminalistics issue,” declared Venezuelan President Maduro.


Some artists and journalists from Venezuela have spoken out against the investigation carried out by the Public Ministry led by Attorney General Tarek William Saab, as they classify it as a distracting topic in political and social terms. Daniel Lara Farias, a Venezuelan journalist living in Germany, has said that what they are doing with Canserbero “is pure show and theatre,” because they have not investigated or mentioned the 3 members of Sebin [the Intelligence Service of the Government] involved in the crime scene previously mentioned by the Amestica brothers.



Edited by: Jonathan Nwabenu 

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