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War crimes on the rise in Ukraine


Around 70,000 crimes related to war have been reported in Ukraine.Since the war began, around 25 Russian troops have been convicted. The Ukrainian town of Bucha has been reported for the number of war crimes.Around, 4000 Russian war crimes in Ukraine reported are just a beginning. The Ukraine-Russia war has witnessed around 70,000 since one year. 

The number of war crimes has been growing every day. Torture,rape and illegal killings have been reported. But many people have been asking for justice but the question is "What will the justice look like?"Stanislav Kozinchuk,a Kyiv region prosecutor has said that they are investigating, preparing and bringing the war criminals to the Ukrainian court. The main evidence are videos shared on social media,images from satellites and records left behind the Russian soldiers. The caseload will burden the Ukrainian law system to an absolute limit.Out of 70,000 only 25 Russian troops have been convicted. If the Russian troops are found abroad they can be arrested on the charge of war crimes in Ukraine.

The convicted Russian troops will stay in Ukrainian prison. The Ukraine's prosecutor general has promised to bring justice to the victims of the Ukraine-Russia war and he has promised to look into every single case. The statute of limitations is not applicable to war crimes. People have been brought to the court to talk about the massacre. Many Russian leaders who are related to war crimes should be brought to the limelight. They are responsible for the war crimes in Ukraine.The International criminal court has opened its investigation in addition to the Ukrainian authorities have opened up the criminal cases of the war crimes. They have vowed to bring justice to the victims of the war. Russia does not recognise the ICC . Therefore, it has become difficult for the Russian president Vladamir Putin to account for the war crimes in Ukraine.

The  European parliament has called for a war tribunal.Special war tribunal that could help solves the cases of war crimes.Many are arguing why no legal step has been taken against the Russian troops.Justice can be slow.The victims who want justice for themselves may have to wait for many years. Families of Bucha can wait no longer for the justice.They want justice for the crimes committed every minute in the city of Bucha.In central Berlin in Germany people are protesting against Ukraine gaining more weapons.

They want Ukraine to negotiate with Russia.In London, Marina Latvinenko who is a widow of a defector poisoned in London is on the Russian side and calls for the Ukrainian victory outside the Russian embassy.Everyone wants the war to end and has been calling for negotiation between Ukraine and Russia.


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