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Which States Will Allow Donald Trump to Participate in the 2024 Presidential Election?

On Wednesday, December 27th, the Michigan Supreme Court decided not to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 primary ballot. It follows after the Colorado Supreme Court voted to remove the former president from the ballot on Tuesday, Dec. 19th. More states will soon decide on this matter as more appeals come to light. 

Liberal group Free Speech for People filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of the State of Michigan, Jocelyn Bensen, stating an obligation to disqualify Trump in the state's primary ballots. However, the Michigan court expressed they will not hear a lower court’s appeal on this decision. It means that Trump will be allowed to be a presidential candidate in the primary for Michigan in the 2024 election. 

This vote completely contradicts the decision taken in Colorado. According to the court, Jena Griswold, Colorado’s Secretary of State, may not list former President Trump’s name on the 2024 presidential primary ballot, nor may she count any write-in votes cast for him.

The courts are voting based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment in the US Constitution, which bars anyone from becoming president or vice-president if they have engaged in insurrection or rebellion. Many people are questioning whether the former president's acts qualify as an insurrection or rebellion, keeping this topic of convention. The ruling in Colorado was the first time that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment was used to disqualify a presidential candidate. However, it is expected that Trump will appeal Colorado’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Courts in other states are also experiencing the efforts of voters to ban Donald Trump from their states primary ballot. In November, The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a petition to disqualify the former president from the 2024 primary and general election ballots. Similarly, in early December, the federal courts in Arizona dismissed a lawsuit that also argued for the disqualification of Trump from the ballot. 

Donald Trump acknowledges the orders from multiple states attempting to disqualify him from the ballots, posting about how “This pathetic gambit to rig the Election has failed all across the Country…” As more states decide on their rulings, the final verdict will most likely come from the U.S Supreme Court.

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