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Zendaya Steals Show At Dune Part two premier in London



Much of the focus at the international premiere of Dune: Part Two in London was on Emmy-winning actor-turned-fashion phenomenon Zendaya's scene-stealing silver C-3PO-inspired robot suit.

Zendaya, 27, is a well-known fashion diva who has amassed a devoted fanbase for her performances in Spiderman with lover Tom Holland and Dune: Part One.

Oppenheimer actress Pugh is also new to the Dune franchise, playing the new character Princess Irulan.

However, actress Florence Pugh feels that the spotlight should be squarely on director Denis Villeneuve for making a picture that will be studied by film students for years to come.

While Timothee Chalamet reprises his role as Paul Atreides, who is now seeking vengeance on those who have annihilated his family tree, Pugh is a novice to Arrakis, the desert world.

Florance Ppugh, appears as Princess Irulan, the Emperor's daughter, whose father was played by Christopher Walken, an acting icon.

"Take away the characters, and I'm just grateful that I got to spend so much time with Christopher Walken. "I just got to watch him and learn and absorb everything," she explains.

"I've adored him since childhood. It is definitely a gift.

For Pugh, joining the ensemble under Villeneuve's direction seemed like a return to the type of traditional cinema she enjoyed working on.

"It takes you back to how films should be made," she said. "Putting people in the appropriate places, with the correct clothes and actors.

"You know, you can have as many green screens as you want, but ultimately, when you're in those locations and on those incredible sets, it does a lot of the acting for you." "I feel extremely fortunate to be here."

For those who have not read the novels, the Dune universe can be rather bewildering. It's full of magical predictions, enormous sandworms, and rival groups.

However, for many of the attendees at Thursday's event in Leicester Square, the source material was not the primary reason they were there.

The film is based on author Frank Herbert's highly acclaimed 1965 novel and tackles politics, religion, the fight for precious resources and the environment.

In real life, with claims of Russia developing space nuclear weapons, Pugh commented on how while we think of Dune as a distant science fiction future, actually some of its themes are equally representative of wider issues we are experiencing today.

"This book was written a long time ago and... I think it says something how as humans, we struggle with bumping into the same issues again and again and again."

Following the massive success of the first instalment, expectations for Dune: Part Two are sky-high.

Dune: Part One, which debuted in October 2021, had 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and went on to win six prizes for cinematography, editing, soundtrack, visual effects, production design, and sound.

It was also a box office triumph, grossing more than $400 million internationally.

The excitement around the new film has even inspired a viral popcorn bucket with a sandworm-shaped top.

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