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5 Books to Read After Women's Month

As the month continues, more females have earned a stellar reputation. Celebrating Women's Month is a way to acknowledge the accomplishments of women. 

The history of women is multifaceted. Being members of the opposing gender, women endured a great deal of discrimination. Never giving up, the Hower girls serve as an example to others. 


The month is ending, but that doesn't mean one should stop acknowledging the efforts of females. These five books by women are an excellent way to commemorate Women's History Month by reading and enjoying them after the month too.


Educated by Tara Westover 

Tara Westover, the daughter of Mormon survivalists, spent her adolescence helping at her father's junkyard and stewing herbs for her mother, a self-taught midwife. She entered a classroom when she was 17 after being taught about the risks of public education. Despite all obstacles, a passion for learning took her from the Idaho highlands to Brigham Young University, Trinity College, Harvard, and, eventually, a Ph.D. The book highlights the passion and duties of one. 


It won't always be like this by Malaka Gharib.

Malaka Gharib, an Egyptian Filipina American, talks about how she often went to Cairo to visit her father's family and how, when she was nine years old, she found out that her father had remarried and that she now had to deal with an Egyptian stepmother. The story is about a dream and living in two worlds and cultures. 


Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Alcott's famous 1868 coming-of-age book about the four March sisters — pretty-yet-vain Meg, daring tomboy Jo, quiet and introverted Beth, and pampered, artistic youngest Amy — is about post-Civil War family life, love, and all the difficulties that come with maturing from girlhood to adulthood.


Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Tens of millions of people have read and translated a book about a Jewish girl hiding out in Amsterdam while the Germans controlled it during World War II. Frank died in the Holocaust in 1945, but her works about hope, love, loss, and staying strong in the face of terror and danger that can't be described will always be read.


Not the Girl You Marry by Andie J. Christopher

Hannah is willing to go to any lengths to grow in her event planning career, including faking a relationship with a respectable guy to prove to her employer that she would be an excellent wedding planner.


Enjoy reading books written by women and enjoying the month with passion and vigor. It is not just women's month but also a time to commemorate women. Everyone may participate in the month and get inspiration from the females who have overcome obstacles.

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