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5 Writing Apps That Can Help You Overcome Procrastination Right Now!


Have you ever sat down to write something which might have been striking off your mind, but you end up doing some random activity? Are you also someone who procrastinates the work? You never know how your time goes by, and it is 2 hours now. Since you are scrolling down something which interests you, do not stop till you get to the end.


What is Procrastination?


It is an act or habit of putting off or delaying your work, which needs immediate attention from you. It is more of a problem as we avoid the negative emotions that arise from a difficult task. Unless and until we learn to face it, it won't be going anywhere. But there are positive and negative sides to procrastination.


It is a big challenge especially for who writes to keep their mind away from distractions and procrastination. Also, to stay focused and imaginative. You can always keep yourself busy in crosswords, sudoku, read novels of different genres to keep your interest going. But as a supplement, you need to avoid procrastination making you more productive.


1.      Simplenote



Simplenote is a note-taking app. It is a convenient and easy app for writers to use. With this, you can organize your matter and an ad-free environment. Simplenote is an application available on all devices, be it your android phone, laptop, ios, Linux, or the internet.


The best feature about this app is you have to log in one time, and there you go. You can resume writing from any other device. Also, you can search your notes even if you are offline using simple notes on any of your devices.  


Furthermore, it also shows how many words and characters have been typed. It ensures sure you do not exceed any word limit. Great news, it is free for all users. And if you are someone who is just a beginner, this is best for you to use.


2.      Freedom



It is for serious situations. This app helps writers to stay away from unwanted distractions, like pop-ups from any website or your notification from your favorite YouTuber. Here we have got you an app called freedom. This google chrome extension locks you out of all your favorite websites. It is only for some time you want it to be. With its nuclear option, you can’t undo it when your temptation starts to rise.


This type of procrastination is a significant issue among new young writers. As the quote often gets distracted and they are not able to present their thoughts. Which as a result, causes degrading of the performance of the writer. This app can be the best start for you, as it has some unique features. If you enter any distracting websites, you will be reminded, by the app to pause them. This reminder is perfect for those writers who have dire issues completing their work just on the deadline. It is available on the Web and at Apple for free.


3.      Toby



It helps you to track how much time you have lost while surfing and opening different websites, not relevant. When projects keep on popping, and all the extra tabs create clutter that builds the family of stress. So, we switch to one or another tab the whole time through the walls of your laptop. 


Want to get away from this? What are you waiting for to get Toby? This is a google extension that reorganizes both your browser and your life. Just store your active tabs in customized folders. It is so that you can focus on one window at a time without losing progress in your other windows. You can find this for free on Chrome.


4.      Microsoft One note

Microsoft One Note


It is much of an underrated and not often talked about when it comes to writing. As most people think, it is used by students, which is not correct. It comprises plenty of cool features that you might not have seen before. It is a real-life notebook for your digital device, whether it is a laptop or your cell phone.


You can create multiple notebooks and sections on the drive just from your android device. Hence, making this a perfect choice for the writers and especially for those who always forget their stuff. You can write down your new book idea or paperwork as it makes it easy for you to manage your work in one place without wasting your time separating it document by document. Furthermore, you can easily share web content, blogs, articles, and whatnot. Searching for a piece of paper to write that bangs your head. Cannot find a pen-paper? Quickly capture your thoughts with sticky notes.


5.      Grammarly



Truthfully this one is worth trying. When you do not have plenty of time to double-cross your work, yet you want it to be perfect. As nobody would ever want to get feedback regarding your grammar or spelling mistakes. Yet, it’s an embarrassing moment. But what to do when it is an urgent deadline, and you want to make sure that it is perfect concerning the quantity and quality of words. Here comes Grammarly, your lifesaver.  


Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you check several types of errors. It detects grammar and punctuation mistakes before you submit your work. You can also use this feature outside of any other website, including quora, by integrating the Grammarly extension in your browser. 


Grammarly has two versions through which you can use it. One is free, and the other is paid version. The free version is enough for daily use. However, you can use more features in the paid version. You can anytime go with a paid version of Grammarly. Grammarly is available on all the platforms. You can download the app or can use it online.


Here are all the tools explored to save your time again from procrastination. In the beginning, it might take time, but with these apps, it will surely be easy for you. 



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