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Does life have a meaning or is it just the randomness that takes life ahead?

When we think about life, it feels like a to-do list. We keep checking one item off the list and move on to the next one; before you know it, life is over. When you land on Earth, everything feels like it's already been done for you. Your name is given by somebody else, your childhood is defined by your parents, and by the time you feel like an adult, everything seems so tiresome.


In a way, life allows us to give meaning to things we never thought could make sense in our daily routines. For example, imagine that one dog you see every day on your walk, and suddenly one day you don't see it in the same place you are used to seeing it. You start thinking about where it might have gone—has it died by chance or perhaps found a new place? Who knows. These little things make us realize that life has to go on whether you find things as you choose or not.


On the other hand, complete randomness forces us to make certain decisions. A random song or movie makes us rethink our entire lives. The last movie you saw might have made you realize that everyone is a person with their own perspectives. This may be hard to understand for anybody, but it is good for everybody in the long run.


I believe that to live a meaningful life, we need to have a passion to keep going. This will allow us to focus on the present state and be disciplined to lead the life we desire. Our lives consist of our health, finances, personalities, and relationships, which brings us to the fact that we should find things that interest us in the given categories. For example, if anyone wants to be healthy, he or she can decide on a particular activity like walking or meditation to make themselves fit. In a similar pattern, one can choose different activities for different categories to live a meaningful and controlled life.


In a way, life has to offer you various things if you are curious about your way of life. Just think about the random things you notice on your way home from work or a walk. The things we see are somehow connected with the situations you go through. Like a red flower, it could be a reminder for you to be strong as an individual, or it could also be a symbol of old memories. It all depends on our situation in life to relate to a particular thing. These small, random things allow us to live a meaningful life.


The recent events of COVID-19 have made us aware of the difficulties everyone has to face in order to survive. It has also made us realize that bad times wait for no specific moment; they arrive at a time you never expect. Nevertheless, you have to be prepared to fight your own battles. Health has been a top priority for everyone. It is almost as if the universe asked for healing and everyone joined in.


Whether life is meaningful or it's the random moments that make our lives, one thing is sure that you were put on the planet Earth for a particular reason. It is your good karma that allows you to be here. In one of the episodes of the Jay Shetty podcast, actress Lili Reinhart spoke about how she feels about being born as an energy. She asked God or the universe if they wanted to experience every emotion felt in the universe and go to the earth for a short period of time, and the answer was yes. Her perspective as a human made me realize we should really be grateful for our lives because we would not get another. Since we are put on this planet, we should find some meaning in our existence and do something fruitful.


 In a way, life is a combination of both randomness and meaningful steps. Sometimes life needs you to make certain decisions in order to move ahead; other times you are required to go slow and let randomness take you ahead. It depends on what phase of life you are in. Life is all together made up of something and nothing. When I think about life, all I can feel and hear is the Cornfield Chase by Hans Zimmer. This soundtrack makes us feel like we are on an expedition to find something or achieve something. The start feels like fast adrenaline, which builds up but then drops abruptly as the song ends. This song makes me realize that while you are on the way to finding something that your heart truly desires, there might be some obstacles that would stop you, but you have to stay strong and keep going.



Finally, we can conclude that life is meant to be lived. It all depends on whether you want to live your life cheerfully or just wonder and wait for something to pass by.

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