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"lights off": Earth Hour 2023 And Its Importance


To raise awareness of the problems posed by climate change and to encourage energy saving, participants in the "Earth Hour" event are encouraged to turn off all of the lights and electrical devices in their homes and workplaces for one hour.

Every year on the final Saturday in March, millions of people from more than 190 nations and territories are anticipated to take part in "Earth Hour," a global event that takes place at 8.30 p.m. local time. The event encourages people to switch off all of the lights and electrical appliances in their homes and offices for one hour to increase awareness of the issues caused by climate change and to promote energy conservation.


The "lights off" moment, a symbolic action that connects people all across the world in support of the earth, acts as a reminder of the pressing environmental concerns we are now dealing with. By banding together in this way, we can bring attention to the urgent need for action to safeguard the future of our world.


Method for observing Earth Hour


From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm local time, during "Earth Hour," people are encouraged to turn off all lights and take part in various activities like cooking, spending time with family and friends, going outside and creating art.

To increase public awareness of the negative effects of energy usage on the environment, governments and businesses also take part by turning off non-essential lights in their structures, monuments, and landmarks.




When the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Sydney and its collaborators organized a symbolic lights-out event in Australia to raise awareness about climate change in 2007, that is when the idea for Earth Hour was born. 

The next year, the celebration received widespread attention and was held on March 29, 2008, with participation from millions of individuals all across the world. Since then, Earth Hour has become increasingly well-known and is now observed yearly on the last Saturday in March.



Since its start, Earth Hour has grown tremendously and now has supporters from all around the world who have joined forces to take action for a brighter future for our planet and its inhabitants.

In its 17th year, Earth Hour has transformed from a straightforward lights-out celebration to a potent force for good in the environment. Through the combined influence of people and their actions, the occasion has evolved into a platform for enacting significant legislative reforms. 


Will this one-hour event have an effect?


Although a one-hour light-out has little impact on global emissions, the act of collectively turning out the lights on a huge scale could act as a wake-up call for people everywhere.

For Saturday's Earth Hour, several events to promote conservation initiatives are scheduled, and hundreds of local celebrities are anticipated to participate.



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