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Liverpool – More Than a Football Club and World-famous Band

LIVERPOOL, BRITAIN. There is no doubt that Liverpool is one of the most famous English towns mainly because of the Beatles and the famous Liverpool FC. However, tourists can find so much more in there including the amazing and friendly atmosphere the whole town offers.

Liverpool’s history dates back a long time… so long that nobody can give an actual date… It became a really popular tourist destination once the Beatles became popular. Being the home town of the amazingly talented group and hosting one of the most famous football stadiums, everybody wishes to visit that place, where all the sport and musical talents have once started from.

It’s really hard to choose what to visit first in Liverpool. When you get there, you will definitely understand why. Liverpool offers so many things to be seen in one place that people just can’t get enough of their impressions of the town, hopefully, and most likely good ones, of course. However, I will put on first place the Liverpool wheel! It is unlikely for people to put something like this on first place, but Liverpool’s Ferris wheel is so beautiful that one should definitely at least see it if not take a ride on it. Along with it, Liverpool has some great buildings and architecture one can only admire!

Next place to visit is Liverpool’s museum where one can see great artworks, such as amazingly created paintings, sculptures, inventions, a talking parrot toy, and… possibly the biggest ever-built sandwich tower in the world. In Liverpool museum, the history of the town is told in pictures and works of art and everybody can enjoy a walk in it for free. There’s a shop on the ground floor where you can find everything starting from Beatles and Liverpool FC souvenirs and finishing with marine souvenirs and great prints. A tour guide can be hired and I would recommend it because they are lovely and they tell the entire story while walking amongst such great works. One can hear the story about the legendary ship called Titanic there and can find out about the whole history as it is – the problem with the iceberg, the truth about why so many people died. One can choose to see a live performance of unprofessional actors who are amazing.

Of course, I haven’t forgotten that people should definitely visit the Beatles shop and museum. It is one of the most famous places to visit when going to Liverpool and it offers an amazing history of the Beatles from the formation of the group until the end. While walking through story pictures of the Beatles, you can listen to the ‘’Yellow submarine’’ and find some authentic records, posters and merchandises. Most people feel a great atmosphere and imagine what would be living there at the time when the Beatles gained popularity.

Another place to visit is the Merseyside Maritime Museum which is probably one of the greatest marine museums in the world. It has great marine pictures, historically placed so that it tells the history of sailing throughout the years; it also has sculptures, paintings, souvenirs, and everything that you can imagine, and is more than a fulfilled dream for every sailor and marine enthusiast.

Last but not least, you should visit the Liverpool FC stadium and maybe go on the stadium tour to learn more about the history, footballers, trophies and everything else about Liverpool. Of course, the latter can be applied only to Liverpool fans! However, be aware – all the Liverpool fans should be ready to spend most of their time there, especially if they take the stadium tour, because the stadium is far away from the centre of the town with all the museums and famous buildings and a stadium tour takes up to three hours.

Liverpool is an amazing town full of bright people, an amazing atmosphere, great shopping centres, beautiful architecture, famous and interesting places to visit, amazing nightlife and once visited, the place could be never forgotten!

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