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Shakespeare’s Birthplace

STRATFORD UPON AVON, BRITAIN. Stratford upon Avon, mostly known as Shakespeare’s birthplace and the ‘’Swan city’’ is a small town situated in Warwickshire quite close to Birmingham and Coventry (25-45min car drive). It is a small beautiful town and a great tourist attraction mainly for Shakespearean lovers. It is worth a visit especially if you are living somewhere nearby or want to travel and explore some beautiful, historical and cultural places in Britain.

Being one of the most popular cultural places to visit and ‘’feel the spirit’’ and maybe ‘’gain inspiration’’ from Shakespeare’s birthplace, a lot of tourists and locals choose to visit that town. One of the most interesting and probably first places on your list should be the cathedral, where Shakespeare has wedded and where his grave is located. It is a really interesting place not only because of its historical and cultural meaning but also because of the epitaph on his gravestone which states: ‘’…Blessed be the man who spares his stones, and curst be the one who moves my bones’’. All over the cathedral, one could see Shakespeare’s manuscripts and creations.

As soon as you go out of the cathedral, you are most likely to pay a visit to the famous Shakespeare Royal theatre and then Shakespeare’s house, which has a museum shop downstairs and it’s a fulfilled dream for any Shakespeare lover. The house is very well kept and with a little bit of imagination, one could picture Shakespeare sitting there, brainstorming, and writing his poems and dramas. It’s a really interesting place and you really shouldn’t miss the house if you visit Stratford upon Avon.

Going out of the house, just walking around, one can see that all the pubs, restaurants, and shops are named after a Shakespearean character or a Shakespearean relative and are trying to represent Shakespearean atmosphere and setting. When you go to the town centre which is close to the cathedral, you can see the main park with the beautiful river Avon and so many gorgeous swans swimming there among the beautiful boats. Stratford is called the Swan city not just by chance. It is a common fact that many swans live in river Avon. One can admire this sight all day. Once you get enough of admiring the swans and taking a short boat trip in the river, you can walk around the park and see the two main statues of Hamlet and Lady Macbeth. They are easily found in the park and one can see how genuine they look.

Once you are finished with most of the places to visit, I’d offer you just walking on the main road at the centre of the town and admiring all the beautiful views as Stratford is a place where no matter in which direction you look, everything seems fantastic! If you are not afraid of ghosts and witches, I would recommend you do Stratford upon Avon’s ghost walk and take a trip around all the fortune tellers and spirits…of course, made of wax! You can also get a fortune reading paper for just one pound only by putting your hand against a mirror if you are into that kind of stuff of course.

And last but not least, like every person I guess some people who go with their halves and admire the swans and dive into the Shakespearean life together, other people visit with their friends, relatives or simply on their own… What matters is that everybody can feel the air filled with love and hopefully gain inspiration to be the next Shakespeare or fall in love… Why not both?

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