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Lockdown Fatigue


The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another- William James (American Philosopher)

  1. What is Lockdown Fatigue?

Lockdown Fatigue refers to the stress which we are facing due to lockdown. It is a very common word these days and although it is not an actual clinical diagnosis, it is something which we can relate to in many ways to us. Lockdown Fatigue refers to the impact of the current situation in which we are to deal with the outburst of emotions brought on by covid-19. 

Now our daily life has been changed, relationships have been strained, financial problems are increasing and at the same time, we have to manage our unpredictable future. Lockdown fatigue has also resulted in many more problems including sleep patterns and several complications. We have started facing hurdles on all fronts and that's why it is becoming dominant in our mental health and emotions.

This concept is stated as the emergence of paralyzing feelings of apathy and lethargy in the possibility of yet another lockdown. We feel weighed down by the unpredictable nature of these lockdowns. They are the cause of repeated restrictions and disruption to our personal and professional lives. We never faced the type of lockdown before in our lives. This has become one of the most stressful life events. Lockdown Fatigue can be elaborated as a major burnout that is linked to covid and the subsequent lockdowns. 

What does Lockdown Fatigue look like?

Lockdown Fatigue has been very difficult to manage for most of us. Some people have also started experiencing difficulty in their work thus creating a lack of focus in their daily life. This is also reducing the motivation of the individuals.

The symptoms usually get more accelerated by density and stress which were also present there in the society before the pandemic. But now they have received a boost for financial problems, health and it is our responsibility to manage the family in an unpredictable environment. Lockdown Fatigue results in the feeling of getting exhausted and burnt out even without the presence of any physical activity. People started feeling difficulty in sleeping or restlessness.

Symptoms of Lockdown Fatigue are:-

Feelings of sadness and Irritability- Feeling unhappy without any remarkable reason also can be a major sign of mental illness. A person who is having unnecessary fatigue generally gets more irritated or sad in comparison to normal ones.

Depression- If the sleep problem exists in the individual along with the lockdown Fatigue, then it can result in depression. In long run, Depression results in suicidal thoughts.

Feeling Guilty and Worthless- Most of the time, it can be found that the person with poor mental health starts losing self-affection. A person starts feeling guilty for those problems in which they are not having any share. This feeling can also arise because of not being able to achieve any goal. Self-care and self-appreciation are necessary for a human being.

Emotional Outbursts- Emotional outbursts can be seen in the form of sudden aggression, sudden crying, and an increase in the frustration and irritation of the person. A person is not able to control his/her emotions during this phase. Generally, the emotional outbursts of the husbands have an impact on the wife, whereas it is very difficult for the women to release that negative energy. 

Difficulty in maintaining a routine- It is advised to keep ourselves involved in productive activities throughout the day. If we can follow our pre-decided schedule, then it gives the feeling of achievement. We should not underestimate the benefit of a routine, such as an exercise or sleep routine, or something even small which can help us to move between roles such as from work to parenting.

Difficulty in sleeping- The feeling of restlessness and heavy breathing due to stress results in sleeping problems. Poor sleep can spoil the entire day of a person.

How to deal with it?

Proper Sleep- Sleep is an essential element of the working of the human body. Sleep is necessary to keep a person energetic and healthy throughout the day. 

Exercise Regularly-Exercise leads to diversion of mind and the relation of the body is easily possible in these activities. A morning walk helps in a healthy start of the day.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs- Alcohol addiction can reduce brainpower in long term. Regular consumption of drugs can spoil the physical as well as mental health of the addicted person. It is one of the reasons for domestic violence also.

Eat healthy Food- Many times we use this phrase in our daily life that the brain is having a relation with our stomach. Eating healthy food increases the concentration power and ability to manage tough situations.

Meditate- Meditation calms the mind and results in the increase of concentration power of the individual in the long run. Meditation helps the person to be emotionally stable in his or her life. It also leads to strong brainpower and even gives control of the unconscious mind.

Stay Technologically Connected- Even in lockdown, we can be in regular conversation with our loved ones. It’s good to have regular interaction with closer ones. Technology has made this easier.

Listen to Songs- Listening to songs is healthy for the heart. Some studies have shown that blood flows more easily when music is played. For example- when we listen to motivational music or fast pace music then our blood pressure increases and likewise when we listen to slow pace music then we get a feeling of relaxation. It can boost the production of the hormone dopamine in our brain and reduce stress. Music also stimulates the part of our brain and heart which results in emotional and motivational changes in the individual.

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