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The Unknown Power of Unconscious Mind

The Unknown Power of Unconscious Mind

“Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it.”- Joseph Murphy (Irish Writer, well known for his book named ‘The Power of Subconscious Mind’ which has been one of the best sellers on the Internet)

What is Unconscious Mind?

The unconscious mind is the mind which is outside our control. According to the theory of personality by Sigmund Freud, an unconscious mind is defined as a disease wire of feelings combined with thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of conscious awareness. With this understanding, we can say that the contents of the unconscious mind are generally unpleasant such as feelings of pain and anxiety. Sigmund Freud stated that people are unaware of the influences which they get from the unconscious mind in their behaviour. 

How does it Work?

We can compare the unconscious mind of a human body within the iceberg. Everything which appears above the water represents the conscious mind of the human body and everything which is below the water is representing the unconscious mind. The things which are in control of our minds are simply the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the information on the major part of the information is outside the control of a conscious awareness that lies below the surface. Some historical theories have stated that few exceptional people like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were able to use their unconscious minds better than any human being in this world. The working of the unconscious mind in the body can also be further explained by an example of a heart in a human body. A heart continuously beats in a human body even while the person is sleeping, Digestion takes place under it, our blood pressure increases just before the starting of the race, etc.

 Can we control it?

It is considered very much difficult to control our unconscious mind. Some studies have stated that through the regular habit of meditation, a body can develop the ability to control the unconscious mind up to a certain level. For example- we are having monks in North East of India. If a person is having the ability to control his or her unconscious mind, then he or she can control their thoughts and feelings which are beyond the control of a normal human being. The intuition and also the dreams which we see while sleeping is because of our unconscious mind only.

Sigmund Freud’s three levels of mind: -

Conscious- The conscious mind of a human being includes all those thoughts, memories, and wishes which are part of our conscious awareness then. This is one of the factors of a mental process that we can think and talk simultaneously. It also consists of those memories which are not always part of our conscious mind but can be recalled and brought easily into awareness.

Preconscious- The Preconscious mind consists of everything which a human can potentially bring into his or her conscious mind. It consists of those parts of the brain that are available to the conscious mind, although they are not in current use. It is the data that cannot be recalled with efforts at a specific time but later it comes into our mind suddenly.

Unconscious- The unconscious mind of a human being consists of all mental processes which take place automatically and not voluntarily. The unconscious processes can be understood to be directly represented in our dreams, predictions, intuitions, as well as during slip of tongue. The major working of our nervous system is the unconscious mind.

Role of Meditation: -

Meditation can be e explained as the combination of some techniques which are intended to encourage an increase in the state of awareness, concentration, and attention of a human being. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Meditation can also be used as a psychotherapeutic technique. 

How to do Meditation?

Choose a Quiet Place- Silence and zero disturbance are necessary for meditation. There should be no distraction and disturbance at the place of meditation. If you want to play music, then select slow pace music at a low volume.

Set a time limit- For beginners, it is suggested to keep a short time limit in starting. The time limit can be increased gradually with regular practice. 

Pay Attention Your Body- It is advised to sit in a cross-legged position on the floor. The body should be in a comfortable position.

Focus on your Breathing- A person should take deep breaths while meditation. The inhalation and exhalation of breath should be done slowly. 

Notice Your Thoughts- It is misinterpreted that the purpose of meditation is to clear the mind. A person by meditating should focus on bringing your attention back to your breath whenever you notice your thoughts are drifting or they are going negatively. A person should bring only those thoughts in his or her mind at the time which are positive. Don't judge those thoughts or try to analyze them.

Relation of Positive Thinking and Unconscious Mind: -

Our unconscious mind is having direct relationships with over-positive thinking or positive thoughts. It is the unconscious mind only which directs the behavior of the conscious mind in our daily life. Many times, we have heard this phrase that we should always think positively in our life. The analysis of the unconscious mind states that if we think positively regularly in our life, then positive energy attracts positive results. For example- Many times we have seen doctors advising the patients to be mentally strong. It is the hidden energy or hidden courage which lies in the unconscious mind of a human body. If the unconscious mind is strong, then it directs the working of the conscious mind efficiently.

Benefits of Positive Thinking:-

      Increased life span

      Fewer chances of Depression

      Lower levels of distress

      Greater resistance to the common cold and fever

      Better mental and physical health

      Better cardiovascular health and less risk of death from such disease

      Better tolerating skills during hardships and times of stress

Side effects of negative Thinking:-

      Frequent Headaches/ Unnecessary Fatigue

      Chest pain in the long run/ Sleep problems

      Weight loss and Stomach Ache

      Increase in Anxiety and Depression

      Social withdrawal

Negative Thinking

Positive thinking

I have never done it before.

It's an opportunity to learn something new and I will try my best to make my debut.

It's too complicated to understand and implement.

I will manage it differently.

I don't have the resources to work.

Necessity is the mother of invention in this world.

I'm very lazy to get this done.

I was not able to manage my schedule, but I can re-examine some priorities.

There's no way that it will work out.

I can try my best to make it happen.

No one cares to communicate with me.

I will see if I can open the channels of communication.

I am not going to get any better at this moment.

I will try again.


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