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Places to visit in Moscow

Moscow is a city that is vibrant with history and cultural sights. As the current capital and the largest city of the Russian Federation, it carried over its significance ever since the times of Ancient Rus. The city currently houses over 13 million residents and is one of the largest and most populated cities in Europe. Initially, it was nothing more than a collection of small settlements located far away from Kiev, the capital of Rus at the time. However, it was transformed by Yuri Dolgorukiy, who established a United town there under his leadership, which over the years, grew and eventually became the center of Russia as it is known. Such vibrant history and rise would have left many landmarks over the years.


Landmarks like Kremlin and the Red Square can unveil a collective history of Rus, Tsarist Russia, and the Soviet Union as those have persisted throughout those eras while being claimed by different historical figures and at times changed accordingly. This can also be an opportunity for tourists to witness the places of historical events as proceedings, especially with tour guides who will relay the critical elements of the history to them. Other sites, such as theatres and museums, can show the more cultural side of Russia, showing the works of its artist from past and present alike, and there is no doubt that everyone will find something they’ll enjoy. 


Among those places, Kremlin has to be the key landmark of the Russian capital. Some facts about its history are outlined in the Britannia article, but of course, there is much more to learn about it. Its name means “fortification,” which highlights the place’s original purpose as it was created to be a continuous protection from invasions and attacks. The stars at the top of the fortifications are a sight to behold, as they always shine and are never turned off except in extreme circumstances like hiding the Kremlin from bombers during WW2. Kremlin houses multiple palaces and cathedrals, as well as Tsar-Bell and Tsar-Cannon.


The Red Square, the city's central and most significant square is not far from Kremlin. It is notable for being amidst the critical places of Moscow’s center, such as the Kremlin, Mausoleum, and St. Basil’s Cathedral. This would naturally make Red Square a place that would attract countless tourists. The name Red came from the similarities between the Russian word “Красная” and “Красивая” which meant red and beautiful, respectively. Hence the title holds the meaning of a “beautiful square.” This square is also known for hosting parades such as the one on victory day while also being the sight of historical Soviet parades. By comparing them, one can see the changes in Russian culture, technique, and presentation over the years, which is another way for someone to discover history.


Tretyakov Gallery is a place for someone who enjoys art. Pavel Tretyakov found it and contains paintings from Russian painters such as Victor Vasnetsov, Ivan Kramskoi, and Ilya Repin. The gallery includes a range of pictures, from portraits to images of nature and cities, the variety presented in the gallery is astounding. Currently, the gallery contains over 130.000 exhibits, and its broad reach includes a picture for every taste.


Other places to visit include the Bolshoi Theatre. Seeing the colonnaded building will undoubtedly be a wonderful memory for tourists. Whether one decides to go inside depends on one’s taste. However, the performances within this historical theatre are mostly operas, and other establishments in the center of Moscow perform different play genres. Another place to visit, particularly for the sake of relaxation and enjoying nature, is Gorkiy Park. It combines architecture and nature in a stunning area with a great impression upon many people.


Finally, there’s the Moscow Planetarium, one of the largest ones in the world. Irene Domingo explores the importance of space and its theme for Russian people, and she includes Planetarium in this research. As it was a Russian astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, who was the first to enter open space, Planetarium is significant for Russian people as it reminds them of this achievement. It contains information about different solar system planets and the devices used at various points to explore space. The top floor includes a cinema hall to view short movies about space and its exploration while looking above, as if to the sky. It is a unique experience, and one tourists are encouraged to try.



Overall, there is no shortage of places one might see in Moscow; it is a place of cultural heritage and glory, a display of some of the key moments and people in Russia’s history, which can provide a perfect opportunity for cultural enrichment and exchange. If someone were about to visit Russia, the capital would be one of the places to see with their own eyes due to how much it can offer.



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