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The impact of work from home during the Pandemic

   It’s been a year since we are scared of covid-19, I mean we still are but now we have adapted to the circumstances and now we are habitable to everything. We are not scared anymore of changes because of this pandemic, we have more stability now, we are prepared for almost everything unlike some parties, we know how to act and react in certain situations. Like working from home at the beginning when it was all new to us, we were scared that how will we manage to work over the network which also means virtually, how will we going to do this, isn’t it complicated because we never work like that, we thought in the starting of this new thing a virtual job, could we going to be productive or not but in the end we came out as more productive than ever. We have learned many skills to do work within our comfort zone, to manage home and family at the same time, get to eat dinner or lunch during the break. Everyone ends up being more productive and satisfied compare to office work.


   Today, many jobs choose to telework because of the Covid-19 pandemic. These circumstances made the job and the employer embraces the technology and both find new ways to work well and do it efficiently. During this time, we will know about different aspects of telecommuting than working in the office which brought up a debate of which method is better. The main question is which method is best for a business in the future to adapt in terms of profitability, productivity, and employee satisfaction?

     There are many advantages of working from home but let’s not forget about the disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages first: 

  1. A company can save on essential costs such as rent, cost of electricity, and cost of maintenance.

  2. The job is more satisfying because it saves them time to travel, saves energy and its money on the daily expenses. (Benefit more they employ - live far away)

  3. They get more time for their work and to spend with their family.

  4. Work efficiency and productivity increase - more time, less stress to travel, and a peaceful environment at home.

  5. People who work from home can take care of their families when they need it and resume their activities afterward, etc.

 After the confinement period, companies as collaborators will want to continue this way of working remotely. As soon as the location is no longer important, this selection criterion is deleted in recruitment, which makes it possible to choose an employee based solely on their expertise and skills, even if they are the other end of the world.


Now let’s talk about some disadvantages also:

1.       The biggest disadvantage of telecommuting is the lack of interaction.  Isolation, lack of confidence.  Working from home, employees do not necessarily find the interest in communicating with others and quickly get used to this routine.

2.       People might easily be disturbed by children, neighbors, friends, family members or pets.

3.       Those who work from home may experience a form of isolation and loneliness, even depression.

4.       Physical activities become limited because we don't move or walk (affects our efficiency)

5.       There is a risk of being forgotten when the office presence is virtual, especially when the position the teleworker desires is coveted by constantly visible employees, etc.


Working from a virtual office makes it difficult to collaborate with colleagues.  The best ideas can take shape during a chat over coffee break or at the water dispenser, and it is also more difficult to form professional bonds with co-workers.


    Not everyone prefers work from home, many people enjoy the routine to go to work like traveling, meeting physically with others, exploring new things and just like people have passion exactly like this some people have passion for the job, They just not only do jobs for money but there is a lot of other things like daily challenges, teamwork, the working environment, and many more, but due to this pandemic, they have no option but to do remote work and everyone knows how difficult it becomes when you do work from home, there is so much disturbance, no working environment, and no attitude of work which come from uniform or formal office clothes because in comfortable clothes you lose the attitude of work.


      But there are also some people, who are totally ok with work from home and even enjoying that. Many people have offices are very far from their residences and they had to travel a far distance to reach the office and after the end of the day, back to home through that same far distanced route, People got tired because of the traveling and traveling also cost separately. So because of the work from home, they got rid of this traveling stuff. Also, many people have issues in sitting for so long and in the offices you only have to work in sitting, which causes many health issues in the employee, so this is also a reason why some people are happy with work from home.


    The thing is, no matter you work from offices or work from home, the only thing that matters your satisfaction, there are flaws in both types of way, you can’t justify one, it depends on you if you are not ok with work from home that’s fine, but you have to work for surviving, if you feel depression or tension or any mentally issues by work from home than you can do some home exercises like yoga and meditation, eat healthy food, spend quality times with family, etc. We all are facing problems in our own ways but we have to deal with it as we are doing with this pandemic.



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