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The joy of trying things for first time

Remember when you knew you could ride a bicycle without the side wheels? The feeling of doing something without any external support made you feel like you could achieve anything.

As a kid, whenever you did something new, you were appreciated for it. But as you grow older, people stop doing that, which is sad.


As humans, we are always expected to excel in everything we learn. While it is acceptable to be a wiz, it is also necessary to try something we have no idea about. Trying new things allows us to leave our comfort zones to learn and experience. It sounds so easy when we read it, but it is difficult to leave your comfort zone.


In my experience with trying new things, I can agree with the same. Being an introvert, I struggle with socializing, which makes it hard for me to go out and talk to people. But recently, I have started going out for morning walks, which have helped me get adjusted to people. There are times when I wish I was the only one walking, but then again, we cannot control everything. Small new experiences help us find something different in our routine lives. 


Another aspect to look out for when trying new things is the amount of pressure a person feels to excel in anything they try. Most people are afraid to try because they are scared to fail at it. People forget that the main intention of trying new things is to gain experience and not excel in them. It is an obvious fact that if you try your hand at painting, you will most likely fail the first time, but the fact that you are failing is what makes the whole experience unique. When you don’t know about playing the guitar but you have seen your favorite singer play songs on it, you want to feel the emotions your singer feels, and you want that experience for yourself.


According to LifeHack, trying new things allows us to be better people, and will enable us to appreciate new cultures, learn more about ourselves, and meet new people. This is enough to know that it is not bad to try new things. Another thing about new things is that we are constantly wired to get a good outcome from anything we do. For example, when somebody wants to try yoga, the first immediate thought is, Will I be good at it? We are wired to be good at everything, and we forget the whole point of trying something.


When we try to do new things, we automatically feel more happy and calm with our thoughts. I remember when I set my mind to go for the renewal of my passport on my own. I was feeling scared, but I knew I had to do it to make myself believe I could do it alone. One tiny spark of courage was needed to complete the task. Once we have taken the step, the universe helps us back.


The things we do for the first time hold a special place in our hearts. The first time we make a dish, the first time we clean your cupboard, or the first time you learn to dance. These small experiences make us independent individuals. We realize that we do not need anyone else to fulfill the dreams we wish to achieve. It is a simple but powerful act to do things our way. 


The best way to keep trying new things is by making a bucket list. Everyone is aware of bucket lists; they are like a wish box filled with ideas and things that a person dreams of achieving. To wish for something and then finally complete it leads us to be more comfortable in an uncomfortable world. It reminds me of a 2018 Marathi movie named Bucket List. The story revolves around a woman named Madhura Sane who gets a heart transplant from a 20-year-old girl named Sai. She sets her heart on fulfilling Sai’s bucket list or her unfinished wishes. To think of fulfilling someone else’s wishes is a huge deal in this generation. We are scared to fulfill our dreams because of society, family, or other pressures, but here, Madhura does not care about anything. She thinks in a way believing she can live her dreams through Sai's heart.


If you feel scared to try new things, make sure you find somebody else who will help you try new things. Join a community where you won't feel left out. The idea of getting what you want feels like such a hopeful and fulfilling way to spend your life. It is necessary to have a career, family, and goals, but also trying to keep life fun is mandatory. In the end, we should all keep trying new things and surprise ourselves.

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