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What’s new on Broadway?: Eight new stories to look for on-stage this year!

According to Playbill Broadway News, Broadway has recently announced a full list of upcoming shows as of June 2023. With a regularly updated list, eight shows are currently up for performance in the 2023-2024 season.

Broadway shows are not just tourist attractions for those passing through New York City. Broadway is, without a doubt, incredibly serious to those with a love for theatre. It is a historical sensation in the acting world and one of the most professional sources of live theatre to this day. Although live theatre has mostly transitioned to the big screen in our modern times, Broadway has yet to be overrun and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. 

To this day, we see new shows in production for New Yorkers and tourists to see and enjoy. Let’s take a look at the new shows for the 2023-2024 season.

  1. The Mousetrap

Known as nearly the longest-running play in the world on West End since 1952, Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” is finally hitting the New York City stage. Although the official performance date has yet to be announced, people are thrilled to see the classic murder mystery on a Broadway stage for the first time in history. 

The play surrounds a group of seven individuals attending a country guesthouse, all with mysterious backgrounds that are to unfold as the show progresses. Somebody ends up dead and thus a ‘who-done-it?’ murder mystery is sparked, only to be solved by the remaining main characters.

Although the show is not necessarily “new,” the sentimentality and fanbase will surely make it a hit on stage.

  1. The Shark is Broken

Written by Ian Shaw and Joseph Nixon, “The Shark is Broken” will appear in the John Golden Theatre on July 25, 2023. The play is a comedic drama and is meant to be a testament to the history of film.

The play follows three egotistical, clashing actors set adrift in the ocean to film the movie Jaws in 1974. Due to delayed production time and technical difficulties with the lead of the film (the shark), the play follows the chaotic interactions between these actors as they wait out the delays and try to stand each other’s company in a quaint, little sailboat.

  1. Once Upon a One More Time

“Once Upon a One More Time” is a fairy-tale-flip musical, written by John Hartmere Jr. with music written by Britney Spears. The musical takes on a classic fairytale theme of finding a happy ever after, mixing in some of America’s favorite pop music from the past two decades. It was scheduled to open at the Marquis Theatre on June 22, 2023.

The musical is set around a book club discussing Grimm’s Fairytales. Suddenly, the group is visited by a fairy godmother, who gives them the book, “The Feminine Mystique,” which changes their perspectives on the classic fairytale stories and ignites a new take on them with lots of pop and dance.

This musical is very new, fun, fresh, and catered to a younger, modern-oriented audience.

  1. Back to the Future The Musical

“Back to the Future The Musical” is based on the 1985 widely popular, pop culture film sensation, “Back to the Future.” Adapted to the stage by the movie’s cowriters, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, the show is scheduled to perform at the Winter Garden Theatre on June 30, 2023.

As most may already know the movie, Back to the Future follows a teenager named Marty McFly who finds himself transported into the past. Stuck in 1955, he discovers that the timeline of his parent’s meeting and falling in love has been tampered with, causing him to devise a plan to get them together so he can save his family, as well as his existence.

This story is a familiar classic to many and fans are super excited to see it adapted into a musical setting on the big stage.

  1. The Cottage

“The Cottage” will make its debut on July 7, 2023, at the Helen Hayes Theatre in New York. Written by Sandy Rustin, the play stars Eric McCormack, Laura Bell Bunday, and Lili Cooper. 

Set in the 1923 countryside, a wife decides to reveal her affair with another man to her husband as well as her forbidden lover’s wife, sparking a comedic drama about betrayal, relationship, marriage, love, sex, and even a hint of murderous intent.

Considered a romantic comedy, “The Cottage” reveals many themes surrounding identity and puts the subject of fate into question.

  1. Alex Edelman: Just For Us

“Just For Us” has been performed off-broadway for the past year and is finally making its debut on the New York Stage. Alex Edelman’s show will be opening June 26, 2023, at the Hudson Theatre until August 19. “Just For Us” is a one-man show, written about the life of the playwright and comedian, Alex Edelman.

“Just For Us,” contains several stories from Edelman’s life, including tales about his Olympian brother, his odd holidays, his experience as a Jewish individual facing anti-Semetic hate, as well as many other chaotic stories surrounding the subject of his identity.

The play has been highly anticipated with its unique and fresh concept, as well as its hilariously brilliant writing.

  1. Merrily We Roll Along

“Merrily We Roll Along” will open on September 19, 2023. The show is a musical composed and written by the legend, Stephen Sondheim. Known as an ahead-of-its-time cult classic, the three-decade tribute follows a composer, Franklin Shepard, and his rocky relationship with his two lifelong best friends, known as Mary and Charley, a lyricist and a playwright. 

The story touches on the corrupt nature of success and how fame and delusion can negatively affect relationships. The story is told backwards, starting with the conflict of the present and taking the audience through the group’s years of friendship, ending with their aspiring ambition that originated in college. 

The musical is starring Broadway alumni, Jonathan Groff (Franklin) and film star, Daniel Radcliffe (Charley).

  1. Here Lies Love

“Here Lies Love the Musical” will be opening in the Broadway Theatre on Thursday, June 29, 2023. The show is a disco-pop-themed, immersive and powerful musical about Imelda Marcos and the rise of the People Power Revolution that took place in the Philippines. The show’s music was done by Fatboy Slim and David Byrne, who has won a Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award. 

The musical follows Imelda Marcos’ - the former Filipina First Lady - life as she obtained power and inevitably, her downfall caused by the Philippine revolution. 


Broadway has opened many doors for the world of acting and theatre, having brought forward progressive changes and ideals to the world, told through the stories performed on stage. Plays and musicals alike touch thousands of souls who walk through the doors of a theatre and spend the next hour or two immersed in another’s shoes. 

Broadway is constantly adapting and accepting new stories and lessons to share with the world. This next season is welcoming a handful of entertaining, classic, and new adventures for people to fall in love with.


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