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Words Have Power

Words are one of the most potent tools of humanity; words have both energy and power with the ability to heal, hurt, harm, humiliate, and humble. 

Words can uphold the truth or nurture a lie. We use words to encompass history, comprehend stories, portray the natural universe, and remind us of realistic visions of things that exist only in our imagination. In some mythology, the spoken words are even believed to be so powerful that they can create the world, creatures, and human beings.


The Importance of Reading

"The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read," said Mark Twain, renowned author and humourist.  

Beyond the need for reading, simply because we have to, the importance of reading cannot go unnoticed. Reading holds a tremendous value because it provides how we can strengthen brain activity, build imagination, boost communication skills, helps in self-exploration, makes intellectually sound, impacts good values, entertains, enhances creativity, and lower stress.

There are several ways one can build a reading habit, such as reading newspapers daily, going through books of our favorite genre or magazines, articles, poetry, and online blogs. 

There was a time when books were referred to as "a child's best friend," but today, the question is, "Where has the love for reading gone?". 

The constant decline in children's reading motivation is a serious phenomenon that can radically change the way children of today's generation handle language.

Despite its importance, there is growing concern among the younger generation about poor reading habits. The advent of the Internet and digitalization around us is one of the significant reasons behind us glaring at screens rather than pages. 

Enjoying reading is a continuous activity that should be nurtured and maintained as a "lifelong habit." The environment must provide a common condition that encourages reading activities.


Words Carry Energy and Our Consciousness

Words are the most potent form of communication we have, and they can convey complex and valuable concepts very accurately. We as a society will grow faster, bypassing our information through sharing, discussing, inheriting, and validating our ideas. It is beneficial in an academic sense and a social purpose. Through body language, you can tell a little bit about what someone is feeling, and maybe you can draw some pictures, but words are a great way to convey what you want instantly.

Words carry energy. This is why chants and mantras are often used to influence the state of consciousness and to awaken greater consciousness beyond the egocentric focus. Frequency resonates with our consciousness, empowers us, awakens those possibilities, and affects our overlapping energy bodies. When we give a positive affirmation with deep emotions, it strongly resonates with the universal creative entity and violently affirms that reality in our lives. Every word we think and speak manifests itself in creation in a dimension that the limits of human sensory instruments cannot understand. So, words are a tool of consciousness. 

However, it does not mean words are just sounds. 

The language we do not understand is just sound. It's fascinating to observe how a particular language stretches out some words and sings most of them. Still, we don't know what that means. The meaning of the words is learned, but this process is only a change of consciousness to the paradigm for some time. Therefore, our words must be meaningful. 

The Impact of Our Words

Words are creators of our universe, our lives, and our reality. Without words, thinking can never be a reality. This powerful affirmation provided by our words allows our ideas to come to life. By choosing our words wisely and speaking the truth, we can have a more significant impact, and for this, we need to be careful. We often remember I love yous and goodbyes. We remember feeling small or big because of something someone said to us. Our words carry a huge impact. Moreover, it can do so much good.

Walk The Talk

It is far easier to say something. However, it is harder to follow through. People will eventually stop listening to you if you talk too much but never actually follow through. The proverb "actions speak louder than words" means that putting your thoughts, plans, and plans into action is more important than talking about them. Your actions are perceived by others, but not what you say. People will probably forget what you say after a while, but your actions will embody your words as proof of your integrity. Thus, it is equally important to prove our words through our actions. As long as a human being follows what he says or writes, their words will be valued. 

Readers and Writers

Steven Spielberg, a famous American film director, rightly says, "Only a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers." The more one reads, the more one can write fluently. There are no boundaries of imagination in literature so that an avid reader can note profoundly. The way words are presented, spoken, and written is an entirely different level of communication. It invokes passion, empathy, love, and kindness in the human soul. A good writer makes you feel things, and you sit there and drown in your feelings. 

Reading is a sheer practice of extending knowledge, and there lies joy in the process of doing it. 

The world has been evident of good writers in every era; they show the mirror to the society. They enlighten the ordinary person with words of wisdom. They bring love and peace to the land of sorrow. They speak the truth that leaders of the world try to conceal. Words have power. The power to voice our opinion and expression, whether we write or tell them, they do impact people. 


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