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Types of vices most present within society

There are several types of addictions. So some of them are hard to even notice. Therefore, even the people who have it do not know how to recognize their own addiction. People usually link the types of addictions to alcoholism, marijuana, pills, cigarettes, and anabolic. However, although they all cause some kind of addiction, they are not the only ones to exist. Most dependencies are present even in our daily life. Now get to know some of these addictions:

Addiction to other people

Almost like an obsession or addiction, it's someone with a kind of addiction who needs someone else a lot of the time to feel better. That is, they are more relaxed when they are in their presence. However, in some cases, if the person who has the supporting function is not well dependent or dependent will not be either.

In these situations, the person spends 98% of the time with the thought in the other or in ways of being with it. This type of addiction refers to friendship relationships, family members, and strangers who want to get closer. It is not common, but it also happens in cases of dating or marriages.

Caffeine addiction

Despite being little mentioned coffee is one of the most prominent types of addiction in the world. However, the severity that this product has draws little attention because it is extremely popular within society. The reason for being dependent is the feeling of humor, alertness, and disposition. However, overuse can cause a number of problems, such as Increased heart rate, impatience, muscle spasms, Insomnia, Ulcer, Hallucinations, and Reflux. 

Gambling addiction

It's impossible not to talk about gambling when we mention the word addiction. It has a frequent representation within the cinema with characters in Las Vegas, in the United States of America (USA).In this way, you feel pleasure in the need to win. Taking risks with high stakes also attracts the bettor. But it doesn't take into account the consequences. Generally, people with this problem are reluctant to deny that they have it. When they are unable to place bets they show signs of depression or anxiety.

Social media addiction

This is the type of addiction that has presented strong evidence in recent years within the population. That is, within this dependency, there are several sub-items that make it hold a person's attention and leave them several hours of the day without paying attention in the real world.

So people spend all their time talking to others, commenting on photos, liking a post, and spending hours watching videos. Therefore, when the dependent is not on social media he misses a great lack and a void. They are signs of addiction, for example, avoiding responsibilities when messing with social networks and when they do not use it they feel restlessness, anxiety, and willingness to use more without need.

Chemical addiction

When talking about the types of addictions it is impossible not to mention illicit drugs and also drugs. Therefore, when used in excess, or not, result in changes in motor coordination, hyperactivity, insomnia, hallucinations, shorty, extremely red eyes, and other physical and mental diseases.

In the course of dependence, the user cannot go unnoticed with clear signs of the use of some narcotic or large amounts of medications. Moreover, by self-harming has a great chance of causing problems for people around. Such as domestic and traffic accidents, violence, family, professional and social problems.

Video games addiction

Like social media addiction, video game addicts also lose various social activities and undermine their responsibilities in education and work. In cases of abstinence, users show irritation, restlessness, sadness, and anxiety.  

Online game addicts lose interest even in hobbies they had before and the circle of friends involves other people who are in the same virtual game. With this, most addicts engage intensely in this environment to escape bad feelings such as vulnerability, anxiety, guilt, and sadness.


Food addiction is also famous by the name of binge eating. Therefore, people feel the frequent need to eat without being really precise. That is, get to the point of thinking about another meal while eating. This type of addiction causes addicts to consume large amounts of food. Also, most of these people regret it right after the meal. However, they cannot stop.  

Work addiction

People with a work addiction only think about it and miss big personal events because of it. That is, they spend a lot of time in the company where they work or with the office doors locked inside the house. So they miss Christmas dinners, birthdays, make calls or answer emails outside of the office, sleep badly, and feel bad when you're not at work.  


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