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Why today’s generation is very Sensitive?

This article is about the present generation being susceptible. Let us find out why this is happening. Millennials, or Gen Z, youth, have become more responsive and independent.

From kids to adult, the present younger generations is the most sensitive. They become furious and feel offended for little reasons. My kids are just four years and two years only; they become so mad for little reasons that it becomes tough for us to make them relax. It feels as if they don’t understand when we refuse them something, or do they not want to understand?

Earlier, we can crack a joke on someone taken very lightly, or even the same person among others will laugh at it. Now, it is impossible to say something about others. The person will become depressed, thinking they lack something, and that’s why people around them are making fun of them. Some people will react back, making them understand that it’s not good to be completed so much fun of anyone.

Today’s generation is very much advanced and informative. They are more outspoken towards anything wrong happening in front of them.

One exciting thing is the expectations of our older generation from younger generations. Our parents will start telling us stories of how they have gone through difficult times in their childhood. They want their kids to feel the same what they thought.

But, whether Millenials or Gen Z, “who cares”!

It’s human nature; our parents told us about their difficulties. May b we will also do the same to our kids because developments are happening daily. Every generation has faced challenges that won’t be there for future generations.

Earlier, kids were not allowed to say anything or discuss what they wanted in their life. I have seen during my schooling the pressure of taking either medical or non-medical in 11th and 12th classes. It’s a social status for most of the parents while discussing among the parents that their kids have taken these subjects only. Rest every issue was considered a waste of life when I didn’t get through the Engg. Entrance exams, initially, it felt like, “oh my god! I didn’t get through; I didn’t get into a good college! But I soon realized these all are making me depressed only. It’s my life, and I will decide what is needed to live a peaceful life.

Today’s generation is more informed and opinionated. This is because of too much interference from social media in one’s life. In the past, if there were some critical or breaking news, it would take days to publish and print so the public could read it. Presently, there is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media sites which keep updated with breaking news. Just read and comment your views so fast on a particular word. The people in this modern world don’t even think twice before giving their opinion. They will research through their phone, conclude and blabber out.

Although there is one advantage to the above developments, our youth has become active and extroverted. They raise voices against the wrong through various mediums to reach the public without violence. They are not coming out on roads to raise their voices and not giving any chance of unnecessary riots.

The nature of the past, present, and future will continue as life exists in this beautiful world. No one can change the past, but the current generation is sure that they can change the present for a better future.











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