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The Kardashians: Newest Season Now Airing on Hulu

As we all continue to grow up in a world where social media and entertainment continue to highlight the lives of both influencers and celebrities, it is becoming evident how prominent reality shows are becoming in our society. 


To be able to see the same celebrities that cover countless magazine covers and billboards all over the world, in a more real dynamic where they are shown as incredibly more relatable to the more “normal” people like us. It gives a place of connection between the person sitting watching the celebrity's life take place on the television, and has different moments where we can relate it to our own lives.


Reality T.V. is also a great way for people who do not experience the other side of society and begin to try to understand what the life of someone like a Kardashian looks like. Reality television gives everyone this feeling like they are receiving an insider’s perspective, of a life that they might not know to any other degree. It gives a place of both feeling like celebrities and influencers are more relatable to the lives that we are living, and also helps us get a better understanding of what their life looks like, and the struggles they go through every day, that we might not fully be able to understand, or see,  in any other way.


The Kardashians had, for over 14 years, had a reality show on E! that highlighted what the ins and outs of their life looked like, while viewers were able to get a more real perspective of what the everyday running around and drama of a famous family could portray. In 2021 the family had decided they were going to finish the show, and wanted to live their life without the show, and with more privacy. 


They had the idea that they had spent almost two decades of their life with cameras following them everywhere, and wanted to see what life would look like for their ever changing families, if they didn’t have a reality show constantly filming their every move. Who were they without the show that had tattooed their lives for fourteen years? None of the family or friends were completely sure what the change would mean for their lives, but they were ready to see what the difference in life could mean for them. 


However, by 2022 Hulu had posted a promotional video for The Kardashians beginning a new legacy of who they were on reality t.v. as they decided to bring back the show they had barely canceled a year before. They were back, and they were ready for the world to continue to see what their everyday life looks like, drama and all. The show, as the family decided, was a part of their life and was a way to record who they were from their own perspective, instead of the world, and wanted to still have that place to give their voice and truth to who they all are.  


On May 25, 2023 The Kardashians came out with their newest season of their reality show, while giving viewers all over the world a third season to look at the constant ups and downs that trace their lives. As the trailer came out, it has been evident that this season will be just as full of chaos, drama, and a family who sticks together through all the ups and downs that they face. 


Some major moments that will be covered over this next season are things like Kourtney and Travis during New York Fashion Week, Kylie’s new makeup that she is promoting, Kim’s huge collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana, Kylie and Khloe’s newborn son’s, Pete’s relationship with Kim and what went wrong, of course some drama with Ye, and also for sure some more scenes with Scott Disick that all fans have been missing from the two previous seasons that have aired on Hulu.


Fans will most definitely get their fair share of all the emotions as we watch how the newest season unfolds together. Whether it is through the harder moments that the family has to face, issues with each other or outsiders, and also the really great family moments that we would not see otherwise. Through this reality t.v. show, we are being able to see who the Kardashians are behind the social media posts that come through daily on various platforms. We get to see a lot more of their personalities and what things matter most to them, rather than just pictures of the highlights of their life that society loves to highlight. 


The first episode is now out, and the second will be here in the next few days, and every week we will continue to be able to follow all of what surrounds each of the sister’s lives that are important for them to share, as well as their mom, Kris. 


Everyone go stream The Kardashians on Hulu!


Edited By: Youssef Eljarray

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