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Deakin Spirits Distillery




Master Distiller Simon Venghi Deakin started his own distillery in 2013, starting with the production of liqueurs. The company was started by Simon Venghi Deakin and his grandfather James Deaking, whom the company is named in honor of. Their first original product was James Deakin Gin. Now distilling for other brands as well. 


Venghi Deakin has been elaborating and creating for the Bonsemiante brand for 20 years winning the medal of ‘best liquor in Argentina’. In chronological order, the company produced James Deakin Gin, Argentina Polo Gin, Gin del Tomate, Oceanico Gin, and Deakin & Tonic. Now making their own tonic water including Clasico, Cítrico, Rosa Mosqueta and zero sugar.


The distillery has been mentioned on two separate occasions in the Argentinean newspaper. La Nación, once in 2016 as the company was in its early days, then once again for James Deakin’s participation in the gastronomic festival of Bocas Abiertas in San Isidro.



There is one distillery in Mendoza, Argentina and one in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mendoza’s location is well known for the production of Deakin Bay Wines which are Malbec and Cabernet. 


However, the main distillery in Buenos Aires is where numerous events happen. Including Gin School Argentina, a thorough course including learning, tasting and making your very own Author’s Gin. Often hosted by Simon Venghi Deakin himself.


I was able to speak to Simon Venghi Deakin as he explained his process to me. He was able to tell me of some upcoming projects, one of which has not been announced yet. Here is a photosphere picture of the Buenos Aires location I was able to take during this interview.


Other Products:


Nothing is discarded in this Argentinean distillery! Leftover inconsumable alcohol is taken out of the process when distilling, which is often reused for the production of hand sanitizer. Sometimes used in events if the famous Deakin barbeques need to cook for numerous guests.


Leftover aromatic plants from the production of tonic waters, spirits, and gins are repurposed. In the production of numerous scented candles within the Buenos Aires location. An entire room is dedicated to this production, often used for numerous events throughout the year.

A soon-to-be popular product for the end-of-year festivities is the Gin Bubbles with eight measurements of James Deakin Gin. The demand for this product is likely to rise in the upcoming months as Christmas will soon arrive.



Recent Milestones:


In 2021, Deakin Gin Premium Argentino was awarded a gold medal at Cata'dor World Spirit Awards in Santiago de Chile. A high honor to compete against numerous other brands of spirits.


On September 20th, the brand was invited to the London Design Festival, which took place in the residence of the Argentinean Ambassador, Javier Figueroa. The master distiller presented his classic original products, including James Deakin Gin, Argentina Polo Gin Premium, Gin del Tomate, and Oceanico Gin. Not only was this an incredible milestone for the brand, but the day this event took place was the master distiller's birthday.




The master distiller Simón Venghi Deakin will soon publish his own book, ‘A Spirituous Journey', speaking on different experiences from his journey visiting over twenty-five distilleries. Some are located throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Iceland, discussing how different distilleries practice the production of gins.



Soon there will be a limited edition of Deakin Gin in collaboration with Milo Lockett. Including six bottles, each including a piece of art illustrated by the talented contemporary Argentinian artist. Lockett is known throughout the world for his Street Art used in many mediums; some of his pieces have been auctioned, ranging between $120 to $2000 dollars.



Not yet announced Venghi Deakin has been preparing to open a Sextant Bistro experience in his Buenos Aires location. Including recycled materials previously tossed to make chairs, tables, and some entertainment that cannot be found anywhere else. 

This will be a culinary experience, including fine dining and drinks of choice. I was able to talk to Simon Venghi Deakin about this upcoming project while I was given a tour. He explained his desire to create a unique experience for this Bistro. Something you wouldn’t be able to find in other places.

These are the tables for the upcoming experience. Made entirely of repurposed material that was previously being scrapped after serving its purpose in production. Now it is being used to create the base for tables with cut-out metal pieces being used to make a metal tic tac toe. The wood used to make the table tops are leftover wood from pallets.



These will be the chairs for the new Bistro experience. Made of polo mounting gear and metal. Venghi Deakin’s idea for this furniture is to make something durable yet comfortable. This businessman has unique ideas, always thinking of the next project, and clearly, James Deakin is a great experience for all spirits enthusiasts.

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