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Saving Money on Ship

Cruises can be a fun vacation, and there are ways to save money on cruises.

Things that are included in a cruise are food at the dining room, buffet, and some restaurants. Also, drinks that are included are milk, lemonade, juice, iced tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea.

Cruisers can save money by not eating any meal in port. They already paid for their meal on the ship, and they can eat on the ship and not spend money.

Cruisers can take a cruise when children are in school, when prices are the cheapest. That can help cruisers who are cruising without children or cruisers who are cruising with homeschooled children. However, prices are expensive during the summer, in the holiday season in the winter, and during spring break.

When it comes to transportation, if cruisers must fly to port, they should not take transportation from the cruise line to get from the airport to port because they are expensive. Instead, they should take public transportation, a taxi, or a shuttle, which are usually cheaper. They are also faster because there is no need to wait for other passengers to board a big bus or van. For cruisers who drive to port, they should not park at an official port parking lot because they are more expensive than independent parking lots near ports. Instead, they should go to independent parking lots which often have shuttles to and from the ship. They can save as much as 50 percent. For cruisers who want to spend time in port before boarding the ship, they can stay in hotels with free cruise parking, meaning that they drive to the hotel and stay in the hotel before they board the ship, and they do not have to pay for parking.

Cruisers should not go to the spa on the ship because it is usually not included and it is expensive. They can go to a hot tub or sauna on the ship which is usually included or go to a spa in port, which is usually better and less expensive.

When it comes to drinks, usually soda and alcohol are not included and cruisers buy a drink package so that they can drink soda and alcohol and not pay for every drink. However, that can be more expensive than paying for every drink, and sometimes, cruisers must order seven to ten drinks a day to save money. Cruisers must order a drink package for every day of the cruise, and the price is based on the length of the cruise. Cruisers can save money if they order enough drinks, but for cruisers who do not order that many, they should not order a drink package. Cruisers that order enough drinks to buy a drink package should buy it online, where it is cheaper than on the ship. Cruisers that are not buying a drink package can look for the drink of the day, which is cheaper. They can also drink in port which is cheaper. For example, a beer can cost $2 to $3 in port but $7 to $9 on the ship. Another option is for cruisers to bring their own soda or alcohol. However, they can only bring 12 cans soda per person or one bottle of wine per person. For cruisers who do not want to spend any money, there is free champagne at art auctions on the ship.

When it comes to food, room service is usually included, but sometimes there are fees for late night room service or specific menu items. Cruisers can make sure not to order if there are fees. Also, specialty restaurants are not included in a cruise, and cruisers who want to eat in a specialty restaurant can eat lunch because it is usually cheaper than eating dinner. There are also specialty restaurant packages and discounts.

If cruisers do not need to go online, they should not because it can be $15 to $20 a day. Many port areas have free wi-fi for cruisers. However, some cruisers need to go online, and they can save money by only using one device. Cruise lines charge by device, and using more than one device can be expensive. However, cruisers can use more than one device, but can only have one device connected at a time. Cruisers can buy a package before the cruise to save money in the same way as a drink package.

When it comes to excursions, booking an excursion outside of the cruise line can be cheaper than booking an excursion through the cruise line. Cruisers also do not have to book an excursion and walk around the port for free.

Toiletries and medicine can be expensive to buy on a ship. For example, a bottle of cold medicine can be $18. Instead, cruisers should not forget to bring what they need. If they forget what they need, they should wait until a port day to buy what they need, where it is cheaper.

Cruisers can book an interior room which has no window. It can be good for cruisers who are only in their room for sleeping because they can save money.

Cruisers can book another cruise on the ship, which is cheaper than booking online.

Cruising can be expensive, but it does not have to be. Cruisers can save money on their cruise in ways that do not make their cruise less entertaining.

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