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Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Review

After being in the works since 2015, the Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) movie finally arrives in cinemas. It was originally planned to debut on October 27th; however, it debuted on October 25th. The movie became instantly available on the streaming service Peacock, but this has not damaged ticket sales.


Although many critics have not praised the FNAF film as a great horror film, fans have compensated by showing much appreciation. Only running for 110 minutes, the FNAF movie is filled with dream sequences and a first act buildup, which many criticize. Despite criticism, the FNAF movie made an impressive box office debut of $78M in North America and $130M globally. 


Some have claimed the movie is instantly forgettable, although for a $20M budget horror film, it has great attention to detail. The movie is PG-13 rated in the USA and 15 rated in the UK, allowing younger fans of the franchise to feel included. In addition, by including the younger fans of the franchise and their Halloween release, many have turned to FNAF. Few critics claim that Emma Tammi and Scott Cawthon were unsure how serious to take FNAF. But many have praised Tammi and Cawthon for the balance between psychological horror and lore.


Currently, the FNAF movie has broken numerous records within its first weekend, including the highest grossing horror film of the year, second-largest debut of all time for a video game adaptation (first being the Mario film). Also, it is the third-biggest debut for any horror film, the best debut for a PG-13 horror film, and the biggest horror opening of 2023. In three days, this movie has caused commotion and caused a lot of fans to have excited conversations about what to expect. Some fans were disappointed to hear that the iconic Markiplier would not be included in the film. But many were pleasantly surprised at the appearance of Matpat for a brief dinner scene.


The movie takes a great turn with a major third act reveal of the real antagonist. Who has been manipulating the animatronics to become increasingly violent against Abby and Mike. The antagonistic animatronic has a different design from Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and the Cupcake. His suit is golden, part of his face is caved in, and his eyes are only white specs.


All FNAF fans were anticipating this reveal; however, few expected such a long scene filled with horror from Matthew Lillard. As the movie concludes, the audience sees the animatronics dragging Afton into the back room as the building shakes. Afton is then locked in the back room, but he claims he will always come back. Despite split reactions from fans, some loving and some criticizing the film, many are excited to see the sequels explore what becomes of Afton and his legacy.

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