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Five Nights At Freddy’s Takes Over Halloween

What is Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Five Nights at Freddy’s is an indie game created by Scott Cawthon in his last attempt to become a game creator. The first game was released on August 8, 2014 closely followed by two more games. As the franchise grew, Cawthon also published novels within the same universe.


Cawthon announced the film was in progress in April 2015, making it a long wait for fans to finally see their favorite animatronics on the big screen. FNAF is known for its creepy atmosphere, jump scares, deep lore, and incredible animatronics. It has become an essential indie game, which has helped re-popularize small production games.


Including numerous endings and stunning visuals, FNAF fans love to create theories in hopes of decoding the deep lore Cawthon has intertwined into the games. Almost a decade after the release of the first game, Cawthon has confirmed very little about the events that plague this pizzeria. 


What is the game about?

FNAF’s first game is a simple psychological thriller game revolving around Mike Schmidt, who started working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria as a night guard. Schmidt is oblivious to the mystery surrounding this location involving five missing children. His only goal is to survive his first week at the job so he can receive his paycheck.


Although the game title mentions Freddy he is the least active animatronic throughout the first game. Bonnie the bunny, Foxy the fox, and Chica the chicken are the most active in this game. They can be turned away by closing the doors on either side of Schmidt draining power from the office, which the player has to conserve until the end of the shift.


At the end of each night, Freddy appears at the right door with only his face lit up as he plays a song. If the song ends before it is 6 AM, another animatronic will appear, killing Schmidt however, if the song takes the clock to 6 AM, Schmidt will survive. One can never know how long Freddy’s song will be, as there are three different lengths


The last animatronic that is both unbeatable and unpredictable is Golden Freddy. If the face of GoldenFreddy flashes on your screen, he is active. No closing doors will stop him. After a few flashes, Golden Freddy will crash your game completely closing it forcing you to restart the night.


What can we expect from the movie?

Many will be under the impression that you must be a fan of the game to enjoy the upcoming movie on October 27. However, this is not the case, the movie will not be following the same path as the first game. Including some announced changes before the movie's release.  


Including new characters such as Abby Schmidt the younger sister of Mike,  who does not exist in the games. Also Vanessa Monroe a local police officer who does exist in the FNAF games, but is introduced much later on as she is one of the few human characters in the latest FNAF Security Breach game. 


Within these changes, we can see William Afton’s appearance, he is an iconic character in the games but has never been seen alive. Schmidt will be employed by him as owner of the pizzeria although nobody is sure how much he will be involved. 


Therefore, we can all look forward to the iconic animatronics making their debut on the big screen this halloween. This will be the perfect movie to see with friends and it is currently PG-13 suggesting it will lean more on psychological horror. Although it is not recommended to watch with kids.

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